Mar 3rd 2018 | by Cindy Van Luyck

Leader or laggard? How will you tackle the market shift? Our #SPICYtalks18 community made its choice


SPICY talks is the annual community and user group gathering of CHILI publish. We discuss business, showcase technology, analyze markets, anticipate trends and network. And this year, it’ll be huge. We wish we could tell you, but that would ruin the scoop.

Two more days and 30 tickets left. Why should you come?

1. All good things come in threes

Communities thrive by the grace of knowledge. To enlighten you on the evolution of CHILI publisher and its present and future role in the creative markets, we turned to the market (our customers), its influencers and our in-house expertise:

our customers - integrate/elevate/ameliorate

CHILI publisher has been integrated in businesses of all sizes and markets all over the world. Each of these businesses has either experienced a significant reduction of workflow flaws or discovered new models of income revenue. Put our money where our mouth is? Check out the Printmediacentr podcast in which our CEO talks tech and Jason Frueh, owner of MyCreativeShop talks business. Profitable business that boomed after one simple CHILI publisher integration. Here’s the podcast: He’ll tell all in his #SPICYtalks18 presentation on day 1, March 8th at 16h15.

We’ll also be running a SPICY stars’ hall of fame - mingle with peers like Paragon, KAN Design, and many more in Amsterdam. Here’s the overview so far:

our influencers - practicing the preach before preaching the practice

We can shout all we want, but instead we prefer letting the market do the talking for us. And preferably based on empiric research. So we turned to the most influential people in different markets and ran our novelties by them. They examined, they assessed and they will be presenting their findings at #SPICYtalks18? Are you…

Not a topic left undiscussed - direct access to the market’s premier resources over lunch, during dinner or in the Meet the Experts area.

our team - sharing is caring

The management will discuss market, trends and the novelty positioning of CHILI publish(er). But we’re also bringing in our developers, sales and service team. They’ll walk and talk you through the new features, explain how you can optimize your current set-up and anticipate challenges ahead. And they’re available throughout #SPICYtalks18 to answer all your questions.

Increasing the performance of your CHILI app with just one setting? Sten Migerode shows how it can be done:

More? We intend to spoil you rotten:

2. Become the Dutch boy/girl with your finger in the dam

You’re convinced, but you’re bound to get come management questions on participation?
Here are some practical pointers to help you validate the budget investment:

  • cost(-saving) - The first keynote day is free for anyone to attend. One person attending the whole shebang comes at 399€, additional team people at 249€ each. Lunch, dinner, drinks – that’s all taken care of for you at the venue. You’ll need to book your travel and hotel, though. A full-blown training comes at €1500 and here you’ll have non-stop access to the entire CHILI community. Just saying.
  • timing - Perfect, early March. End of the first quarter of 2018 and the beginning of the blooming season. The tone is set for your business year, why not take a short break to assess how you can self-service tech your business and cut costs on many parameters?
  • networking - You will be able to directly access the worldwide CHILI community and interact with influencers, (C-level) customers, prospects, team and management. Think of all the LinkedIn research and Skype calls you’ll save. First you gain knowledge by deep diving into business, tech and development tracks, next you get to discuss the insights with peers.

3. It’s not a party unless it’s a CHILI one

Actions (and videos) speak louder than words: Listen to our latest podcast here.

SPICY talks is the neutral platform of convergence if you are a commercial, packaging or label printer, a creative professional at an agency or a brand owner. This market shift edition is when and where you learn to be self-reliant and enhance, appreciate, explore or even evaluate the use of technology in your businesses. The future of creative assets lies in how you’ll tackle the market shift.

Come March, what will it be? Leader or laggard?

See you in Amsterdam.
Cindy Van Luyck

Cindy Van Luyck
Marketing manager CHILI publish


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