The Graph Expo brew – the perfect refreshment

I’m not talking about the cool Stella Artois beers we brought for the Happy Hour, nor the nice weather we were treated to in Orlando. No, I’m talking about the fact that Graph Expo delivered.

We believe you have to be present where the customers can be found. Moving the show to Orlando was a bold, yet successful move. The theme park setting immediately set the mood. Play we did, but first we worked.

Hard even, thanks to a good exhibitor booth set-up. There was a lot of traffic on the show ground and nearly every visitor was a potential customer, which speaks highly for the the visitor outreach by the show organizer. The high traffic was especially good for us, as we got to be booth buddies with our partner Enfocus. They’ve become the first OEM partner for our CHILI rendro solution. We hosted both individual and joined demo sessions, and were most of the time fully booked thanks to the very enthusiastic and persistent visitors. Good thing we also got the chance to unwind with a refreshing Stella Artois during our daily Happy Hour. (Thanks again for the fun co-hosting Enfocus!)

By now you’ve guessed: no rest for the wicked at Graph Expo, and most certainly not for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been featured as much on screen as I have been at Graph Expo. We did some videos for publications on the booth (we have the Facebook pix to prove it!), but more importantly I joined the Printerverse for some key sessions on workflow, packaging and print. (you can view them all here) And although I prefer a 1-1 sales meeting anytime, I admit I took pride in my first-time being featured as a thought leader in these sessions. The post-livestream talks brought about a wealth of audience feedback, confirming the vision I tried to convey.

And when the working day is done, the suits come off and we go out to play. All-in good Graph Expo refreshing spirit. Did you know Orlando has the best wake boarding spot, btw?

Next time, come work and play with us. You don’t have to be in the video, I promise.


Kevin Goeminne

Oct 27, 2017

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