One-front jump

When we started our business in 2010, we were above all disappointed in how technology was limping along behind on the graphics (r)evolution. There, I’ve said it.

We were into tech, publishing and graphics. We saw how digital was leaping forward, and how technology failed to keep up. Something had to be done about the pungent lack for an adaptive, scalable, open online editing solution that could be easily integrated into web2print solutions. Knowledge, technology and expertise were present. All we had to do was take a risk and jump.

So we took a leap of faith. The first one. We started CHILI publish and introduced the company’s first product, CHILI publisher, the hottest online editor in the market. Faith in the product, the market, and above all ourselves.

That is how we reached for the sky at drupa 2012 and managed to keep up with the massive response from the market. Incoming customers from all corners of the world resulted in a booming business. We had to grow. In terms of space, location and most importantly, team. Leap of faith number two. Setting up offices in Belgium, New York and teaming up with partners all over the world. (I remember how we put up a “CHILI world domination” sign in our first office. Dream big, right?)

When it comes to expanding the team, we’ve been blessed to be able to put together an awesome team. The drupa traction attracted the first two colleagues. Since then, we kept growing as the company grew. And as I look around in the office and feel the vibe, I am grateful for our amazing team. Because we are a one-front company. Our personalities may differ and conversations can get spicy, but the diversity stimulates the creativity. And at the end of the day, that’s how we all create the best solution. We believe in the TEAM principle – Together Everyone Achieves More. We’re one front. (Hats off to you, team!)

So here we are. Drupa 2016 upon us, interest from the Asian market. And you can bet we’re shooting for the stars. (check #chilidrupa on Twitter to stay tuned) We just proudly introduced a new product that again fills a need existing technology was unable to. Leap of faith number four. CHILI rendro - meticulous rendering of every detail in a PDF. Market feedback looks more than promising, let’s see if we can make it another reality.

We always aim to inspire people to make the most of their business. We live by that adage for our company, team, customers and partners. That’s why we work hard, play hard.

And now we plan to talk hard. You can keep up with most of the news on our website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. But every once in a while there is a train of thought that doesn’t make it on any of those, because “not tech/commercial/marketing” or “too long” or “too short”. We don’t like those kinds of gaps - one front and all. Hence the blog. We’ll be sharing tidbits of information that will hopefully inspire you to keep questioning what can/should be done, how we can improve the industry and/or market and how we can grow as people within these markets and industries.

Agree, don’t agree, have a great idea? Spice it up and let us know!

My two cents? Trust your gut, have the guts to jump into the deep and never lose faith in yourself.

Jump, it’s just one leap of faith at a time.


Bram Verniest

May 26, 2016

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