CHILI GraFx for Independent Software Vendors

Unleash Scalable Graphic Production in Your Solutions

Unlock new revenue streams by integrating CHILI GraFx's scalable graphic production capabilities into your solutions. Our extensible creative automation platform offers a robust API, SDK, and flexible architecture for seamless integrations. Get ready to bring graphic production at scale to your solutions!

Challenges Faced by ISVs

Scaling On-Brand Graphics

Your customers need a way to create a massive volume of high-quality graphics that align with their brand guidelines, without requiring specialized design skills or extensive resources.

Customization vs. Usability

Every customer is unique, and their marketing needs vary. Finding a graphic production solution that offers flexibility and customization while remaining user-friendly is a big challenge.

Resource-Intensive Dev

Building and maintaining custom graphic production capabilities in-house drains valuable time, budget, and development resources that could be better spent on core innovation.

The integration of Acquia DAM and CHILI GraFx is like peanut butter and jelly – they go together really well.

Deanna Ballew

Senior Vice President, DXP & AI

@ Acquia

Unlock New Revenue Streams with CHILI GraFx

Empower your customers with scalable, on-brand graphic production, and drive new revenue opportunities for your software solution.

Our extensible platform offers a robust API, SDK, and flexible architecture, allowing you to directly integrate powerful graphic production tools into your existing solutions.


With CHILI GraFx's API-first approach and Connector Framework, integrating powerful graphic production into your existing solutions is a breeze. Empower your customers to create stunning visuals at scale, opening up new service opportunities and revenue streams for your business.


With CHILI GraFx, you can offer your clients the ability to automate complex, data-driven campaigns, ensuring brand consistency while meeting the ever-growing demand for personalized content. This sets you apart as a market leader that truly meets the needs of modern marketers.


From white-labeling the interface to embedding granular features, CHILI GraFx's flexible architecture lets you create a customized experience that perfectly aligns with your brand and your customers' needs. Boost your overall service offering to attract and retain customers!

Many of our clients encounter the issue of more complexity and more data sources, while also needing to update their digital infrastructure to be ready for future requirements. Automation is therefore a key part of what they need.

Jens Leven



Your Creative Automation toolkit

Integrate CHILI GraFx to empower your customers with on-brand, high-volume graphic production that adapts to any channel.

What Makes us Unique


Secure, cloud-based platform with ISO certification and SSO for seamless user management.

Complete Integration Options

Robust API and SDK, plus comprehensive documentation, for building custom solutions.

Plug-and-Play Connectors

Easily connect CHILI GraFx to your existing systems for data-driven workflows.

Powerful Composition Models

Enable designers to create a single, dynamic template for limitless variations.

Intuitive Design Tools

Empower creatives with advanced editing tools, including AI-powered GraFx Genie for accelerated template creation.

Multichannel Output

Produce personalized, on-brand graphics for print, digital, and animation from a single template.

Customer Success Stories for ISVs

CHILI GraFx provides ISVs across the globe with the automated graphic production tools they need to outpace their competitors.

Relatial Empowers Global Brands with CHILI GraFx Integration

Recognizing the growing demand for scalable, personalized graphics, Relatial partnered with CHILI publish to integrate CHILI GraFx into their platform. This strategic move opened new revenue streams and enhanced their offering with a comprehensive solution for on-brand marketing materials.


Acquia DAM and CHILI GraFx – A Perfect Connection for Scalable Graphics

Recognizing their customers' need to transform digital assets into personalized, on-brand graphics at scale, Acquia partnered with CHILI publish. The result is the Acquia DAM Connector for CHILI GraFx, leveraging the new Connector Framework to streamline creative workflows and ensure brand consistency, directly from their existing Acquia DAM assets using CHILI GraFx.

A strong and seamlessly integrated creative workflow

Lytho Empowers Creative Teams and Drives Growth with Deep CHILI GraFx Integration

Lytho, a leading Creative Operations platform provider and a vital part of the CHILI publish partner network, brings streamlined and enhanced workflow to marketing and creative teams. Recognizing the evolving needs of modern marketing, Lytho integrates CHILI GraFx to expand their platform and empower data-driven campaigns across multiple channels. This strategic integration fuels Lytho's growth and also enriches the CHILI publish ecosystem with a comprehensive solution for creative professionals.

Accelerating Growth through Delivering Enhanced Creative Automation

Kadanza Transforms Marketing Operations Using CHILI GraFx

Kadanza's brand platform caters to their wide range of clients by centralizing brand management and streamlining creative processes. Faced with the challenge of ensuring consistent branding across multiple communication channels and speeding up time-to-market of personalized marketing content, Kadanza deployed CHILI GraFx to boost their services and better support their clients.

Kadanza boost their services and better support their clients via CHILI GraFx

CHILI publish enables us as a partner and integrator to meet new customers and collaborate on many fronts. They are true partners in every sense of the word.

Nico Potvin

Co-Founder & CEO, BE

@ Kadanza

Strengthen your technology offering with CHILI GraFx

CHILI GraFx empowers you to deliver creative automation capabilities in your solutions, opening up new revenue streams and giving you a major competitive edge. Our flexible licensing model scales with your success, and our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Whether you want to simplify complex workflows, enable multichannel campaigns, or empower your clients with intuitive creative tools, CHILI GraFx is the open platform that will transform your solution.