The #DAMNY learnings? SSOT it - expand your DAM.

I’m convinced online editing will be the next big thing disrupting the DAM market. There are synergies to be explored and monetized. And as it turns out - the DAM crowd seems to agree. Not only did we have more DAM attendees at our #SPICYtalks17, we’re still following up on conversation leads from the #DAMNY session, organized by the Henry Stewart Group. Because in times where the land of plenty seems a little too much at times, we happily cross the pond to make sure our audience gets the “real” news.

DAM is big business. Digital assets are piling up by the day, it’s imperative to keep close track of what is being developed, approved and applied. The metadata of these assets inform you what has been created at what time to what use and for which channels. Design, approval, application – procedure perfect. Why not put all this information to better use? Actual operative use? ROI use even.

I see four key CTA’s to maximize your DAM:

1. Sync

Make sure all collateral is synced - always. That way any last-minute change will be immediately applied consistently in all ongoing and future material. Without the redesigning and approval hassle.

2. Fetch

The metadata is there – approved and authenticated. By fetching it, you can drag and drop according to preset rules to create new material. Eliminating a lot of unnecessary research and approval workflow procedures preceding the actual creative process. Especially with the right online editing tool at hand.

3. Push

You shouldn’t only pull info from the DAM, you should also push it back in. Add the newly created PDF, no matter how small or big it is. Feed your DAM with all info, so you can start tracking and tracing all activity.

4. Monitor

Most DAM systems consist of a powerful analytics engine. Activate it to analyze current campaigns and optimize future ones.

The goal? Enabling brand owners to better leverage the data at their disposal. By integrating CHILI publisher as a component, they can add a design engine that allows them to repurpose existing material on any browser. Full integration will facilitate the creation of a single source of truth.

You see how this could be bigger than just offline or digital marketing. This will generate a new way of operating your DAM expertise on any level in the company. Your DAM settings verify rules, authentication and authorization levels. Applied correctly, why not open the information to your sales team? Eliminate unnecessary repetitive tasks, speed up go-to-market, make both sales and marketing happy.

Expand your DAM, expand your options, grow your business.

The #DAMNY crowd took note. Have you?

Drop me a line if you’d like to receive my #SPICYtalks17 presentation or if you’d like to meet up to discuss.



Kevin Goeminne

Jun 1, 2017

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