Why Move to CHILI GraFx?

CHILI publish has been driving change in graphic production technology and automation since 2010. Today, CHILI GraFx is the culmination of our work, and has launched a new era in creative automation technology.

From global brands to boutique print shops, modern graphic production at scale requires rapid, automated localization and personalization of output.

But whatever your channels – print, digital and/or animation – you need technology that evolves fast and keeps you ahead of the market curve. That’s why we created CHILI GraFx – a fully online, SaaS-based creative automation platform.

The Rapid Adoption of CHILI GraFx

CHILI GraFx is a pure SaaS solution – and is the perfect complement to the vision we share with our customers.

Some of the biggest names on the Fortune 100 list are already using the CHILI GraFx cloud solution to boost their graphic production.

That includes key brands from the world of publishing, printing, agencies, retail, logistics, supply chain, IT and more. They have all embraced the future of creative tech in the cloud with CHILI GraFx.

In fact, the vast majority of CHILI publish customers in all sectors have migrated to CHILI GraFx. They're onboard and enjoying the numerous advantages of a cloud-based solution including a fast release cycle that recently saw the arrival of an all new AI assistant – GraFx Genie!

What are the key reasons for you to move? Let’s take a look!

Why CHILI GraFx?

There are many customer-centric, compelling reasons why SaaS is the right direction for technology platforms of all types. SaaS has good company, of course, with global players like Microsoft®, Apple®, Adobe® and Google® fully adopting it for many of their software solutions. Today, every size of business from enterprise to Mom & Pop shops is now using SaaS at some level or another.

The business benefits of moving to SaaS for graphic production tech are particularly compelling. In 2022, we were privileged to sit down with Jasper De Craeker, Delivery Leader at Positive Thinking Company (PTC) and cloud visionary, to examine why it is the right time to be moving to cloud-based graphic production. Check out our interview with Jasper to get a comprehensive overview of how the cloud is radically improving graphic production for customers and providers alike.

Every SaaS Company wants to grow with double or triple digits. With the ongoing challenge to remain relevant in a crowded marketplace, SaaS providers should make it a priority to partner with experts that will boost product innovation and drive up productivity and performance.

Jasper De Craecker

@ Positive Thinking Company

Benefits of moving to CHILI GraFx – the Creative Automation platform in the cloud

As an innovator in the creative tech space, CHILI publish has led the way in building a cloud-based creative automation solution for all our customers across the globe.

Created for Designers and Engineered for Developers, CHILI GraFx empowers teams to both create impactful designs and integrate effective solutions quickly and securely for end users and data-driven solutions.

Some of the key benefits that CHILI GraFx brings:

Smart Template Builders

At the heart of CHILI GraFx are Smart Templates (built in GraFx Studio and GraFx Publisher). They simplify and automate designing and producing graphics at scale. And from a single Smart Template, CHILI GraFx can deliver truly versatile output for Print, Digital, and Animated graphics.

Resource Management

CHILI GraFx provides an asset library (GraFx Media) and a fonts repository (GraFx Fonts), as well as brand or project-specific style groups (GraFx Styleskits), and the easy integration of data sources to allow fully automated graphical production (GraFx Data).


Centralize, control and manage the cost-benefit relationship of users/groups, Smart Templates and output (GraFx Insights).


Evolving rapidly, AI is already reducing time spent creating new Smart Templates by up to 80% (GraFx Genie) – and more functionality is being added all the time.

And beyond the benefits of these out-of-the-box applications, CHILI GraFx also comes with felxible, industry tailored features. Our comprehensive API, for example, is well documented and fully exposed – we even use it to build all our own applications. And we also provide an SDK for our Smart Template editor, GraFx Studio.

Developers can configure end-to-end creative automation without constraints and work in realtime with feedback within the safety of an ISO-certified environment.

  • API-first architecture enables headless production
  • SDK to enable integration of the GraFx Studio editor engine
  • Connector Framework to build your own Connectors in any MarTech stack (e.g. connect your DAM and work form within CHILI GraFx)
  • User Management and Single Sign on
  • ISO 27001:2017 Certification

Further Benefits to Expect from Moving to CHILI GraFx

Our decision to build our industry-leading creative automation platform on cloud technology has helped to deliver a slew of additional benefits to our customers:

  • New Business Opportunities: with a cloud-based creative automation platform, you’re able to innovate new data-driven, multichannel marketing solutions for a global client-base.
  • Available everywhere, all the time: it’s the cloud, after all!
  • Cost savings: no hardware costs and manageable licensing fees take the strain off your budget.
  • Accelerated innovation: a much faster pace of development, clear plan and roadmap make for innovation that comes rapidly and frequently. And QA has moved to the next level too.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: start small and scale fast when you need to. Getting started is more affordable than ever, and growing your perfect solution just got a lot easier.
  • Automatic system monitoring: you’ll rest easy knowing the service is constantly keeping tabs on itself. Our support is notified immediately if there is an issue.
  • Automatic backup and disaster recovery: a rigorous backup regime is built into CHILI GraFx, saving you time and nervous energy!
  • Supportability: a single technology stack without multiple versions and hardware configurations enables us to deliver much faster and more effective support services.
  • Availability of a vast cloud integration ecosystem: our open, standardized APIs get you out of tech siloes and communicating with the services you need to build your ultimate graphical production solution.
  • Development sandbox: The cloud makes it possible to spin up new instances, so now testing new features and release candidates can be achieved without disrupting production.

Ready to Get Moving?

CHILI publish is your established innovator in the graphic production space, and CHILI GraFx is the very best way we can continue to serve you with groundbreaking graphic production technology.

Most of our customers have already embraced the new business opportunities that our cloud-based creative automation solution provides.

Are you ready to join them? Get in touch today and let's plan your future!



Flora Nkuranga

Dec 18, 2023

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