How the dynamics of crisis sparks creativity

Nothing lasts forever. “Friends” didn’t. Yesterday’s great hair day didn’t. And neither will the lockdown. Up, down, dynamic flows keep markets, economies, and people on their toes. And you know what drives these dynamics? Creativity.

Creativity is the disruptor that inspires people to turn a spark of an idea into a viable and contributing application in real life.

What we’re dealing with now, has not happened to us before. Social distancing, the 1.5m community – who we allow in our bubble, is determined by relationships.

The closer you are, the bigger your chances inside the bubble. The same goes for customer connections. To get close to someone, you’ll need trust, emotion, engagement. Build relationships to establish “relationshops”. People want to buy from someone they trust.

When people are comfortable with your brand on all fronts, they’ll (re-)enter into a “relationshop” with you, making you their go-to purchase reference. Want to make this commercially sustainable for your business? That’s where creativity comes into play.

Web2print inspiration close to home

We lined up some of our favorite Corona-creative work in print, the kind that turns something creative, into something positive, and hopefully profitable for the future.

1. Tadaaz - Slicker than your average mouth mask

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. That includes wearing a mouth mask if and when you must. Feel like expressing yourself or making sure nobody mistakenly takes your mouth mask instead? Personalize it.

With copy, logo, funny message in your dialect – have at it!
Love it, Tadaaz. (you know we’re always up for personalization!)

2. KAN design - Lending a designer’s hand

Not everyone has a designer in house to help with signage (we <3 you, Steve).

KAN design decided to lend a hand and created some templates for everyone to use.

Anyone can now make ad-hoc communication & signs in their own corporate style. No graphic experience needed, no software required – just the go-ahead from the office manager to create these asap, yesterday preferably.

3. Studio Marcel – the kids will be alright

Those of you preteaching or keeping younger children entertained, we get you.

We discovered this creative studio that offers amazing coloring plates. For free.

They don’t just stimulate your child to color, they also invite them to get creative with hairstyles, pizza toppings, making lists of what they’ll do when reunited with friends/grandparents after Corona. They get so much more out of it than just a drawing, and it’s bound to keep them busy throughout your Zoom conference meeting.

In Dutch only for now – but nothing Google Translate can’t help you with.

4. Copytop – Safe, yes, boring no!

Just because you want to make your shop safe, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Use print to brand your visuals or spice up the safety precautions: think color, print, jokes. And feel free to slap it onto everything.

5. Tecra - Tech under the hood

We wouldn't be techies if we did not sneak in one web-to-print software example on the list. Tecra builds full-circle marketing technologies, including web2print storefronts.

With personalization at scale on the rise, they quickly whipped together a connector to have CHILI publisher liaise with Shopify in a heartbeat. Easy personalization and top-notch online shopping experience?

It may not sound creative to the consumer, but we know that is some smart thinking on their end.

Other companies slaying it creatively in quarantine

Most of you know, creativity can be a fickle muse. She’ll play dead when you call for her but come to your rescue when you need her most.

When our muse is sleeping, we turn to the team at Creative Review for inspiration. They tapped into their fantastic community and created a landing page where they catch up with creatives in quarantine, and explore the different ways that brands and studios are adapting.

Did you come across any other initiatives worth sharing?

Please send them over – we're happy to add them to the list!

We, for one, are excited to see how creativity will balance the market’s dynamics again. We have a long way to go.

Still, if we want this industry to pick up again, we’ll have to build relationships with our customers, and turn them into true relationshops.

We hope the muse visits you soon!
Hang in there.

What is the difference between a relationship and a relationshop?

A relationship is about the connection between two entities, people or businesses. A relationshop is what happens when a company establishes a business or commercial connection based on emotional commitment. That works both ways – the relationshop must be mutually beneficial for this level of trust and commitment to work. It will only work for those willing to commit to emotion, engagement, and conversations. You build relationships with people to establish relationshops with brands.

How is print contributing to relationshop building?

The tactility of print has always been considered its best relationship quality. The physical handling of a brochure or packaging secures a 1-1 connection with the customer. It makes it a reliable and safe transmitter of essential messaging. Through digital printing and specialized software, a brand can localize, personalize, customize these prints to fully tailor them to the user’s preferences. This will only strengthen the bond the customer has with the product, and by extension, the brand.


Cindy Van Luyck

May 18, 2020

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