Integrated Data Operations

Ready to connect to your data and tech stacks

Step into the era of effortless integration where your data and tech stacks unite to produce high-volume graphic output. Uncover the power of CHILI GraFx, the API-first creative automation platform that will dramatically boost your marketing operations.

With creative automation, any brand can maintain consistency while still creating limitless variations from one iteration.

Theresa Regli

Strategic advisor on Marketing Technology Ecosystems

@ Vox Veritas Digital

Explore integrated data operations…

Data Empowerment

Your Data,
Your Control

Capitalize on the API-first approach of CHILI GraFx, and build powerful solutions to bring live data directly into your Smart Templates. Powerful logic optimizes content creation, making it highly efficient and precise.

System Compatibility

Universal Integration,
Automated Artistry

With CHILI GraFx, integration goes through and beyond CRM, PIM, and DAM systems. Our platform seamlessly integrates with virtually any system, automating the creation of print and digital collateral, and turning complexities into streamlined processes.

Scalable Creativity

Endless Integration,
Infinite Creative Output

Leveraging the power of CHILI GraFx's robust API and SDK for GraFx Studio, you can drive large-scale, headless graphical production across multiple mediums, fueling limitless creative possibilities.

Effortless Connectivity

Made Easy

CHILI GraFx provides a connector framework that makes it incredibly easy to build and deploy connections with any other tools in your stack. Plug and play, and in no time you can be automatically generating anything from press-ready print files to digital and animated content for any channel.


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