Ready to rock our digital packaging hal(l)o at Xeikon café.

With 70% of the consumers letting the shopping spree spur of the moment determine their on-site purchase, it’s safe to say print packaging is an essential trigger in the purchase process. At the pace FMCG is moving, however, there is literally no time to waste for producers. Let alone, (paper) money to burn.

Hence the popularity of web-to-pack solutions, facilitating the way printer marketers deal with the demand for shorter runs. A faster time-to-market of better input and output, executed to perfection.

And yet, marketers still consider themselves merely scraping the surface of what more can be done. And right they are – there are more wonders in this trove.
We called them the –ization differentiators in a white paper we released on this topic. (free download here)

We tend to practice what we preach. At the recent Future of Print event hosted at the Grafische en digitale media department at the Artevelde Hogeschool, we put our labels where our beer is. Open API linking Twitter with CHILI publisher, some PHP wizardry, a dedicated #webtopack hashtag. Presto printo – a customized beer label with their picture, Twitter handle and the tweet they sent out. Some guerilla marketing, we admit, but it sure did work.

The labels are just the one application that an online editing solution can establish. We’ll be presenting much more at the second most wonderful time of the year: Xeikon Café, the best platform to discover new potential in digital packaging. Organized by the market, for the market, drawing in new ink blood from where our customers’ customers are. Third time for this Aura Partner, we’ll bring all our charm.

We’ll be demonstrating our online editing solution to personalize, customize, regionalize all the data users have at their disposal. It is a scalable tool that can be easily integrated into any web2print solution. It even comes with an API that is as open as our halo. Which will be polished and ready to rock at Xeikon Café.

Come say hal(l)o to us. The beer’s on Xeikon.


Kevin Goeminne

Mar 28, 2017

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