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Produce graphics at scale and remain in control

Step into a world where high-volume output and personalized design coexist with insightful metrics and flexible, fair pricing. CHILI GraFx's API-first creative automation platform empowers data-driven graphic production, delivering high-quality digital and print output at an unprecedented scale, while keeping expenditure transparent and manageable.

Now users no longer require a designer to create a document as the dynamic, asset-driven templates are already uploaded, ready for adjustments.

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Efficient Variants

Mass Production,
Boutique Quality

Experience unprecedented output levels without sacrificing individuality. With data-driven content production from any source, CHILI GraFx delivers high-quality, varied graphical content at scale, blending mass production's efficiency with boutique customization.

Flexible Integrations

API at Heart,
Creativity at Core

CHILI GraFx, powered by an API-first approach, forms the heart of your creative operations, seamlessly integrating content, data and style. Witness the scalable power of automated visual variant production through an open architecture, complete REST API, and cloud infrastructure.

Connectivity-Fueled Creativity

Automated Artistry,
Personalized Production

Harness data connectors for plug-and-play simplicity between platforms. Then get up-to-date batch output, driving fully-automated and personalized graphical production. Be it CRM, CMS, PIM, or ETL systems, CHILI GraFx connector framework has you covered.

Scalable Savings

Pricing Precision,
Guided by Growth

Dive into CHILI GraFx's unique approach to SaaS pricing: a fusion of fairness, scalability, and value, finely attuned to the creative industry's pulse. Pay only for what you use, and always know where you stand with powerful insight tools that deliver complete budget transparency and production metrics.


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