A+ in C# = ∞ possibilities

We promote the online document editing capabilities and PDF rendering capabilities of our solutions, but what do you know of the technology behind it? We make it sound simple, but it’s really not. Luckily we have some top-notch developers in-house who deliver top-shelf quality. The thing is, we need more of them.

Unfortunately, few people seem to understand what our technical offering is, let alone find us the people we need. And if they don’t know what it is that we offer, how on earth can you know if this company could be the right environment for you?

Let me talk you through our development backbone.

We love C#.

Our products (CHILI publisher and CHILI rendro) run in the browser, but are developed in C#. Their C# codebase is “transpiled” and translated to JavaScript and C++. We developed the lexical parser for this transpiler in-house. We’re hands-on like that. With no time to waste.

This strategy makes us both browser and technology independent, which in turn enables us to use enterprise level tools such as Visual Studio and Resharper, amongst others.

Browser anomalies don’t scare us.

Browsers don’t understand CMYK and LAB. So we interpret ICC profiles that allow us to convert colors between color spaces. Client side, of course.

HTML5 canvas blending doesn’t render all the common blend modes. And as you know, the latter have the nasty habit of changing depending on the browser. So we do the blending ourselves. Again, client side, of course.

Even the most basic of drawing routines display differently depending on the browser (anti-aliasing, line caps, you name it). We can’t be bothered. We developed our own rendering engine, drawing complex vector shapes pixel by pixel.

UI anyone?

User Interfaces can be a nightmare. We don’t like complicated. So we developed a UI framework that actually works to your advantage. You can customize it, or not. But it will work, every time.

Ours stands out because it runs in the browser without any plug-ins and in full JavaScript.

Mind you, thanks to our trusted transpiler we can still convert to any language/platform we need.

You see, we don’t wait for the technology we need, we make it happen. In-house development for out-house deployment. What we create, we make available. For our team, partners and customers.

By now you will have noticed we don’t tend to do things the normal way. We bring a little extra to the ordinary.

Sounds about right to you?



Bram Verniest

Aug 22, 2016

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