The Creative Automation Platform


CHILI GraFx is an adaptable, online platform that boosts the creative production of multichannel, audience-specific graphic output at scale.

Design Simplified, Output Amplified

At the heart of CHILI GraFx are Smart Templates that simplify and automate the process of designing and producing graphics at scale.

Smart Templates put no limits on your creativity while automatically adapting output for any channel or device.

Creative Designers

Design once then automatically generate multiple output variants of the same graphic for Print, Digital and Animated Graphics.


Personalize and localize content in templates that enforce brand rules and guidelines


Build data-driven solutions at scale that use powerful logic to drive the creation of audience-specific assets.

Creating and Using Smart Templates is Easy

Applications and Features

With a multifaceted suite of applications and unique platform capabilities, CHILI GraFx is the ideal platform for solutions that deliver multichannel, audience-specific graphics at scale.

Smart Template Builders

GraFx Studio enables creative designers to create Smart Templates for versatile output of Digital, Animated, and Print Graphics. When your artwork is ready, Smart Templates can be accessed for self-serve content entry or can be connected to data sources for fully-automated graphical production.

GraFx Publisher outputs preflighted, press-ready PDFs – and other image formats – in any color space (CMYK, Spot, RGB, etc.) with optional die cuts, registration color, and everything else you need for reliable, audience-specific print production.

Resource Management

GraFx Media stores and manages media assets for users without a dedicated DAM. Find and deploy assets fast without relying on developers to update materials for specific use-cases. GraFx Media ensures consistent brand impact from approved-only assets.

Centralize your licensed fonts in a single location and avoid the headache of managing fonts across platforms, projects, and clients. GraFx Fonts is easy to use, while providing powerful tools to centralize font usage.

You shouldn't need hunt down style guidelines for every new project. GraFx Stylekits combines fonts, colors, and paragraph and character styles into reusable groups to guarantee you can get started fast with on-brand artwork for every design project. (Coming soon)

Connect GraFx Data with any data provider – or integrate your own data source – then use GraFx Studio to drive fully-automated graphical production. Boost your creatively-adapted output at scale while remaining brand compliant with powerful GraFx Actions. (Coming soon)

Insights... and some Geni(e)us

GraFx Insights centralizes, controls and manages the cost-benefit ratio of users/groups, Smart Templates, and more in GraFx Studio. Get analytics and reports to understand your ROI and discover new ways to optimize your solution. (Coming soon)

Our proprietary AI assistant, GraFx Genie helps Template Designers to reduce template creation time by up to 80%. GraFx Genie can also assist in platform scripting, and is already learning how to navigate many additional tasks. (Experimental)

Platform Features

Created for designers, and engineered for developers, the CHILI GraFx platform empowers teams to both create impactful designs and integrate effective solutions quickly and securely.

Our comprehensive API is well documented and fully exposed – we even use it to build our own apps. We also provide an SDK for working with our Smart Template editor, GraFx Studio.

Developers can configure end-to-end creative automation processes without constraints and work in real-time with down-to-the-minute feedback within the safety of an ISO-certified environment.

  • API-first architecture, enabling headless production
  • SDK to enable integration of the GraFx Studio editor engine
  • Connector Framework to build your own Connectors in any MarTech stack
  • User Management and Single Sign on (SSO)
  • ISO 27001:2017 Certification