CHILI GraFx for Retail

Empowering Retail Marketing with Creative Automation

Large retailers face an ever-increasing demand for rapid, data-driven, and personalized graphic production, frequently across thousands of outlets adapted to local market needs in real time. Creative automation can transform this overwhelming graphic production challenge into a streamlined, efficient process.

Major Challenges for Retail Marketing

Speed and Scalability

In retail, time is of the essence as promotions change rapidly. Retailers need a graphic production workflow that can generate materials at an unprecedented speed, ensuring promotions are timely and relevant across all outlets.

Local Customization

Every store has a unique local flavor and requirements, including languages and pomotions. Local managers and staff need to be able to tailor marketing materials to their specific audience, all while adhering to the brand's core identity.

Data-Driven Personalization

To cope with diverse product ranges and changing consumer preferences, retailers must use data from PIM, DAM, CMS, ERP, and other sources. Personalized marketing materials must reflect trends, inventory, and customer preferences.

Just on the print side of the house, Sodexo now produces 120,000 assets per month.

Dr. Joseph Hoffman

Global IT Retail Domain Owner

@ Sodexo

CHILI GraFx - Retail Solutions

CHILI GraFx is built to be highly adaptable. That’s why it can meet the unique demands of the retail sector head on. Whether it's managing seasonal promotions, launching new products, or updating pricing information for multiple channels like POS and flyers, CHILI GraFx ensures that your marketing materials are always up-to-date, on-brand, and highly effective in meeting your marketing goals.

Production at Scale

CHILI GraFx enables retailers to produce high quality, channel- and locale-specific content quickly at scale. Deploy data-driven solutions or enable end-user content customization for effective, tailored marketing campaigns.

Brand Consistency

Maintain complete brand integrity across all marketing channels with CHILI GraFx. Our platform ensures that every piece of content, whether for in-store promotions or online advertising, accurately communicates your brand's identity.

Rapid Market Adaptability

Retail markets are ever-evolving, as are consumer needs. CHILI GraFx empowers retailers to swiftly adapt marketing materials to align with emerging trends and consumer demands to keep your brand relevant and engaging.

It is thanks to the quality of this technological ecosystem that we can now connect new media platforms, which use this content in multiple contexts to deliver a multitude of customer interactions.

Frédéric Preslot

Marketing Operations Director

@ Carrefour

Customer Success Stories at Retailers

For retailers seeking to navigate the complexities of modern marketing while enhancing their brand's presence across multiple channels, CHILI GraFx is the ultimate solution, capable of delivering efficiency, quality and scalability in the production of promotional content.

How Sodexo Slashed Costs and Gained Agility

Sodexo faced a massive creative bottleneck: hardcoded templates meant 3-6 month delays and $10-15k costs per update. This slowed their response to market changes, creating a huge liability. With CHILI GraFx, they streamlined production, replacing cumbersome templates with flexible Smart Templates. Now, Sodexo can adjust templates on the fly, and enable the site level managers to self-serve digital and print assets instantly – saving significant time, cost, and ensuring brand consistency.


Carrefour's Digital Leap Forward

Carrefour, embracing CHILI GraFx through ARISTID Retail Technology, transformed retail marketing to offer unparalleled personalization for 1.1 million customers. This shift to a data-driven promotional model enabled Carrefour to deliver customized product promotions, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement across 1,200 stores, marking a milestone in multichannel retail innovation.


Boosting Retail Marketing at Intermarché

Intermarché, in collaboration with ARISTID Retail Technology, harnessed CHILI GraFx for creative automation, scaling localized promotions across 1,800 stores. This partnership enabled the crafting of region and store-specific marketing materials, maintaining brand integrity while optimizing for multichannel campaigns, marking a significant leap in personalized retail experiences.


Discover how CHILI GraFx can boost your retail business

Whatever the scale of your retail business, CHILI publish is committed to helping you achieve your creative potential while maintaining a clear, predictable budget.

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