Document processing software – a customer journey towards onboarding next-level marketing

A little over a year ago, Channel Fusion started looking for a new online design tool. We were in the market for a development software solution that would allow us to edit documents online, and output finished pieces in various formats, for both Print and Digital delivery.

We went looking for a new solution to meet our growing demand for more customization, at a more granular level. The primary goal was to find a partner that was willing to grow with us, and not be content with hitting a ceiling.

After reviewing a handful of companies, we decided to hear more about CHILI publish and what their services brought to the table. We had initially heard of CHILI publisher years ago, from our current solution provider at the time. Now that we’re a SPICY star, it’s clear to us they were, and are, the best on the market.

What I want to talk you through here, is our customer journey as we explored CHILI publish and how they had to meet all the journey milestones we set forward.

1. Real-Time Document Visualization

For our end users, the #1 goal we had in mind was to enrich the user experience. In our previous implementation, our application would allow users to make their updates, but they would have to wait for the updates to be shown in a static preview on screen, at the end. As you can imagine, in more complex templates, this was a hurdle in user experience and document creation time. It was imperative that we simplified this process. With our transition to CHILI publish, we were able to experience hUGE improvements in this area. Real-time, instantaneous preview updates have been our biggest win, so far.

2. Personalized Text Customization

Our second goal, although rather modest in execution, was something we had struggled previously to allow our users to control. As basic as it may seem, personalized Text Customization and the ability for end users to use basic text-editing options such as Bold, Italics, and underlines, has been well received. In addition to this, we have also been able to allow different fonts to be implemented and controlled by the client, which helps with brand identity control.

3. On-Canvas Document Editing

This was a more aggressive goal for us. We had seen some editors online that allowed the ability to have a “free-world” experience, however, our needs required us to be able to put a fence around the free-world. Think The Truman Show, but for online document editing. CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, has allowed us to open up the editing options, while keeping the areas of editability restricted to our client’s requirements. This includes the ability to move text boxes and images, but only in a well-defined area of the document. We are able to achieve a very impressive level of customization while limiting the ability to output something that doesn’t meet branding guidelines.

4. Connected Asset Personalization

The ability to pull in assets from our DAM system was less a goal and more a requirement. In addition to our Ad Builder solution, we manage many DAM systems for our clients as well. Being able to leverage the assets in the repository in CHILI publisher was critical to the success of this transition. The Universal Graphics Engine handles this with ease, allowing us to focus more on user experience than execution while allowing the client created assets to be leveraged more dynamically.

5. 3D Document Generation

For us, this was new, and something we were not sure would be possible. In initial conversations with CHILI publish, they were able to show us how we could leverage the UGE to create and preview entire sales booths or simply render a 3D view of a customized Billboard. This is something our end users will be able to leverage to have an in-context preview of the documents they create. It doesn’t get more hands-on than that. 3D previews will continue to help us take our self-service model to new heights.

As you can see from reading our customer journey, we listened to our client feedback and turned wants and needs into new features, utilizing the document processing software from CHILI publish. We never settled for less and will continue to strive for a more robust offering, from a higher view, to keep pushing the envelope forward.

Innovation calls for vision and persistency and incessant evolution. Without partners willing to push each other, the market will become stagnant with Marketing Technology that is outdated and dry. CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, has proven to be anything but.

The ability and desire to innovate and continue to grow with clients and their needs trademarks our companies and partnership.

Are you ready for the next marketing innovation wave? Meet me in the LinkedIn Group or give me a shout-out if we can help each other grow. Because that’s what a community does.

Guest Blog

Don Schminkey

Jul 31, 2018

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