Uberizing web2print

Business and technology updates thrive on disruption. Nuisance or business instigator? These disruptions push the industry to get better. That’s how web2print changed the graphics industry forever.

Nearly every self-respecting graphics company (new or old) has an online webshop. Web2print is THE business model nowadays for printers, brand owners and industry players.

So how about we disrupt web2print? And no, I’m not kidding.
People want the Uber experience in their everyday life, the graphics industry should comply and reclaim its place in the multichannel grid.
A lot of people still think that technology won’t be able to handle that (remember Bram’s blog on this?). They could not be more wrong. CHILI publish can handle it. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.

Doing my research for this piece, I came accross this interesting tweet about someone who said he/she was really disappointed in the web2print innovation display at the 2012 drupa, saying there were only complex applications on display.

You should have come see us @4cloud, that’s why we were there. This is the kind of message we wanted to avoid. CHILI publisher offers an open API, flexibility and a scalability for any application, business or market. We just launched a new user interface that simplifies the ease-of-use of the solution even more. Build your own interface or let us help you out. Either way it’ll be responsive. Integration done right for a high-end tool, makes for a super ease-of-use for the user. Too bad about your previous web2print experience @4cloud – come see us this drupa. Let us convince you it can be different.

Like we did with this guy:

Come see us next week @bartvdWiele - let the demo wow you even more. The future for web-to-print software lies in the way it enhances the user’s ability to connect and work with databases. Not to forget mobile. More on that later (I feel a blog series coming up, if you don’t stop me.)

At this point in time, we’re ready to tackle the 2 kinds of web2print out there. The ones working with ready-made PDFs (CHILI rendro) or the ones where you need to adjust the template (CHILI publisher). We’ve tackled the needs of both. Document editing and visualisation for B2B and B2C markets – I think we’ve got it covered by now. With over 300 licences over various markets, we’ve injected the key learnings from every vertical into CHILI publisher, making it a truly intelligent tool that will help company owners to improve their business. Sometimes even without them realizing it.

Or as @loicavenel said:


Kevin Goeminne

May 30, 2016

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