“If printers would think like ad agencies, they’d be billionaires.”

Digital disruption, marketing automation, omnichannel innovation - all of us get constantly remarketed, retargeted and confronted with this communication matrix buzzword bingo. Digital marketing is booming, even GDPR won’t change that. 20% YOY growth according to the Twitter #martechconf feed during the MarTech Conference. So how come these guys are raking them in by the gallons? Knowledge, strategy, planning, vision - for sure. And assets. Digital ones and graphic ones.

Respect the basis, the money will follow.

A few years back, I blurted out the title of this blog during a #printerverse panel session. I still stand by this as it holds its ground. The buzzword bingo you see popping up across your social channels are indicators of the 4th wave of industrial revolution.At our #SPICYtalks18 community event early March ’18; I presented the five pointers that’ll help any brand, agency, packaging or commercial printer:

  • Get the team you need - (digital) designer + copywriter + campaign manager - find your magic combo.
  • Enable self-service - which -ization do you want to offer and how will you make it happen?
  • Go for automated self-service - combine the big data at your disposal to trigger hyperpersonalization, scale your profit.
  • B2B = B2C - don’t design a product, design an experience.
  • Break down the silos - close your loops

(More info is in my presentation, give me a shout-out if you like to discuss.)

Theory to practice

So how can brands, packaging, label or commercial printers or agencies go about? Well, we did the research for you.

  • Brands: when API meets ADI, the input/edit/output of graphic assets becomes much easier. So how do you elevate your marketing stack to make digital turn graphic turn digital? DAM expert Theresa Regli knows how.
  • Agencies: intelligent templatizing could prove a moneymaker in billable graphic hours.
  • Labels/packaging: labels and packaging, a booming market as is. But how can it be revolutionized with increasing compliance regulations? Market expert Sean Smyth shares how. Or maybe you’d like the presentation Nico Potvin from Kandesign did on their Axalta user case?
  • Commercial print: Pat McGrew (Keypoint Intelligence/Infotrends) predicts a revolution. Will you make the commercial cut?

Sharing is caring is sharing.

The content above is free for you to download. We believe you can’t put a prize on knowledge, that’s why we share. We hope you’ll care and share in return. The content or your data with us.

Because exchange is what it is all about. You read the content, you like, ping, we connect, we meet, we (hopefully) do business. Like what you read? Challenge us at one of the upcoming events.

We’re on our way to DAM NY from MarTech San José, come meet us live (or follow our road trip on LinkedIn). Next we’re hosting a webinar with Pat McGrew, join us for an online session. After that, we’ll be taking our solutions on the road to a venue near you (UK and Germany first), #getthingsdone and challenge us face to face.

Ready to leave your comfort zone and #getthingsdone? It’s fun on the other side, trust me.



Kevin Goeminne

Mar 1, 2018

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