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From template creation to multichannel output, CHILI GraFx gives your teams the perfect toolset for brand-consistent, graphic production at scale.

With Creative Automation, we consolidated over 500 templates into 90 Smart Templates. Now the effort to create a product label is minutes instead of hours or even days.

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Collaboration & Workflow

The Team Dream:
Collaboration Made Easy

CHILI GraFx centralizes creative work and ensures a unified team approach, while minimizing monotonous tasks. Our cloud-based platform streamlines creativity and digital asset management through Smart Templates that can be designed then used by anyone across the globe.

Automated Scalability

Transform Your Design Process

Infuse scalability into your design process with CHILI GraFx. Through variant automation, easy enablement of audience-specific content creation, and automatic layout adjustments, our world-leading creative automation platform enables you to manage creative projects of any size for every region while minimizing production times.

Brand Consistent Creation

Brand and Expand:
Conquer Consistency

With CHILI GraFx, maintaining brand consistency while scaling output is a breeze. Whether your content generators are end-users or an automated, data-driven solution, our fail-safe Smart Templates and automated brand guideline enforcement ensures brand consistency is always respected in print or digital output.

Multichannel Output

Channel Surfing:
Master Multichannel Output

CHILI GraFx effortlessly and automatically raises your multichannel content game to cater to every output requirement. From press-ready print files to digital and animated content, let CHILI GraFx relieve the stress on your creative teams while delivering exceptionally high quality content variations for any channel.


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