Your CORE vs. their CORE: where will the brand/agency transformation happen?

Whenever I speak to agencies about how they handle the design cycle of brands, I too often hear the same story. How their brand customers are denouncing their rigid and long-winded methods that are killing productivity, slowing up the process and ultimately leading them to break ties and take their business elsewhere. Costs go up, errors creep in and everything starts to spiral beyond their control.

What was once innovative and new has now become old and inflexible. But just because this is the way things have always been, doesn’t mean this is the way they have to be. The reality is it’s an ever-changing new world of marketing out there, so why waste time, resources and patience when that very same cycle could be simplified in a way that empowers agencies and brands alike?

Rethink your CORE

CORE is the business principle that makes CHILI publisher the Universal Graphics Engine and the perfect software for smart artwork and marketing material creation: Create Once, Repurpose Everywhere. By templatizing a campaign’s key marketing material through one central platform, agencies no longer have to waste the customer’s time with manual changes and overhauls, while brand owners don’t have to throw away their hard-earned investment as a result.

We believe templatizing product branding isn’t just the future of graphic design cycle - it’s a solution that’s already here. By embracing a self-service brand platform, agencies can seamlessly build original marketing campaigns and on-product branding. And through the very same platform, brand clients are empowered by the ability to make changes with a minimum of cost, time and stress.

Graphic Design Life Cycle

Create your toolset

CHILI publisher will actively shorten review and approval cycles so packaging and asset-based marketing materials are finished sooner, and without any needless extra cost. By automating the design cycle in this way, every party involved can gain faster access to the options that matter most in an ever-changing global market. Localization and reliable translation are but a few short clicks in the browser away, so any brand can shine whenever, wherever with just the right amount of customization.

It’s these CORE business principles that will help you finally break away from the rigid constraints of old-school thinking and embrace a new world of self-service and template-based automation that benefits everyone. By Creating assets Once, a client can Repurpose them Everywhere, anytime.

Work on your mindset

Agencies and big brands no longer have to be two sides constantly at odds with one another. Templatizing is a convergence point where the DNA artwork of a brand is preserved, enhanced and elevated in a way that benefits everyone. I’m incredibly passionate about the creative toolset we’re able to share with you, and the myriad ways #UGE can transform every facet of the creative process.

And it doesn’t have to be your CORE versus their CORE - make the most of our CORE instead. We’re implementing CORE integrations on both sides. Whoever creates the platform first, will have the CORE advantage to commercialize.

So why keep clinging to the days of old, when you can start afresh by embracing the new?
Make the first move. Converge. Turn your graphic design cycle into a creative production cycle.

Artwork DNA


Kevin Goeminne

Nov 26, 2018

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