Harnessing the power of data – SK+G streamlines marketing campaigns with CHILI publisher

Sophisticated data capture and segmentation are driving multichannel communications and personalized campaigns.
The challenge at SK+G was to integrate all channels – including print – within one single system.

The struggle – following the same rules

An SK+G campaign typically starts with a print piece or email that drives the recipient to a personalized URL. When the visitor completes the online form, a follow-up email or postcard is sent. Depending on what action the recipient takes, the communication continues. “Our automated marketing platform connects to our clients’ data sources,” explains Claud Monro, Senior Vice President of Business Development, SK+G. “Data is delivered to our platform based on rules that automatically trigger marketing campaigns. It eliminates the need for clients’ marketing teams to begin the process by manually uploading lists.” SK+G needed its platform to be able to create a print-ready file in addition to digital communications, using the same business rules for both.

The solution – a single template

The SK+G platform has an integrated online editor, which builds templates for email and printed mail. “We needed to be able to create the template once, and just have it run automatically until something required a change,” continues Monro. “The only editor we could find that could 100% automate the postal mail part of the process was CHILI publisher. Its ability to apply the same rules for both direct and email was critical.”

The benefits – streamlined campaigns

SK+G runs highly targeted marketing campaigns based on its clients’ customer data – and thanks to CHILI publisher, it can use the same template for offline and online communications.

“Many marketing departments do the same thing every month – they pull a list and deploy a campaign,” adds Monro. “If they are doing both print and email, they repeat this for each channel. We’ve automated the entire process. Our platform is built around a three-dimensional database, enabling us to do the data calculations and trigger campaigns automatically. This frees up marketing departments to spend more time looking at results and fine-tuning future campaigns. One hotel client runs 125 campaigns simultaneously – this would be impossible for a marketing team to do without this level of automation.”

Claud Monro

Senior Vice President of Business Development

The company - a SPICY star

SK+G is a full-service agency with clients in the casinos and resorts, restaurants, hotels and entertainment industries. The agency provides each client with an account manager, a creative, and a data specialist, who act as an extension of the client’s marketing team. Monro concludes: “Most marketers understand the value of multichannel communications, including print. The problem has been how to integrate print into a single system, to eliminate siloes and streamline campaign creation. We solved it by incorporating CHILI publisher as part of a completely cloud-based solution.”






Data-driven marketing platform triggers automatic digital and print campaigns as opposed to the lack of full automation for postal mail in the past.


The platform now incorporates the online editor CHILI publisher, enabling email and print templates to follow the same business rules.


Swift integration of online editor ensures immediate action taken for any kind of campaign – print/online/digital.


Quick turnaround of any campaign on any channel frees up time for other projects on company level.


Clients’ marketing teams run multiple digital and print campaigns simultaneously, via a fully automated process.


  • online editor
  • CHILI server

Cloud-based automation

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