Reducing marketing spend and increasing client ownership - Libris Systems banks on CHILI publisher

Repetitive creative costs may be good for billables, but they’re a pain for business. So when Ben Summers, Lead Information Architect at Libris Systems found a way to automate marketing creation, improve service and increase ownership client-side, he didn’t hesitate.

The struggle - more service, fewer costs

Creative agencies everywhere are confronted with customer feedback on the overwhelming process and costs associated with managing, updating, and distributing the content created by their agency. Libris quickly figured out that the only way to reduce marketing spend was by increasing ownership client-side. On the recommendation of one of their print partners, Libris researched technology from CHILI publish to create, amend and produce production-ready files. After a period of testing, Libris concluded that CHILI publisher was the only solution that could deliver the features and functionality Libris needed to meet their clients’ demand.

“The InDesign® plug-in immediately secured a sense of familiarity with our creatives and it just took off from there,” says Ben Summers, Lead Information Architect at Libris. “CHILI publisher turned out to be a lifesaver, as the niche tech we needed to push ownership to the clients. Over time, it even evolved into an additional service generator for clients.”

The solution – fast, affordable, on-brand marketing collateral

CHILI publisher gives Libris powerful tools on the back-end for users to have an optimal document editing experience. Master templates are created allowing clients to edit at will while producing on-brand marketing collateral according to brand and production guidelines.

The user interface (UI) of CHILI publish is easy to control, so that Libris can provide clients with the right level of features based on their experience and authority. Clients can access all templates in the cloud-based Brand Asset Manager and change the variables, sizes, or other details, while all other brand and required information are locked down.

“The Variable Actions functions is everybody’s sweetheart.” Mr. Summers adds. “We’re creating templates non-stop, and this function truly is the single source of data-driven collateral creation. It allows the client to leverage its data sources to produce multiple production-ready documents.”

By using CHILI publisher we have saved a significant amount of time for our clients – by up to 90 percent in some cases. What used to take an hour now takes ten minutes

Ben Summers

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The results – save time, make money

The ROI for Libris has been impressive. The templates created within CHILI publisher have reduced set-up time and project cost in general, freeing up creative inspiration that instigates new projects. This has resulted in a general improvement in agency operations. Moreover, because clients have the control, each project is on budget. Data-driven templates have turned Libris into a non-stop PDF creation and personalization expert.

“By using CHILI publisher we have saved a significant amount of time for our clients – by up to 90 percent in some cases. What used to take an hour now takes ten minutes,” says Mr. Summers. “This is not just project time saved; it is extra time to spend on projects that generate income. CHILI publisher has provided us with one of the best returns on our investment that we have ever made. It’s been a timesaver and a moneymaker.”

Company profile

Libris Systems has been on the front line of the marketing evolution, seeing first-hand how much time, energy and money was being wasted in just keeping up with the pace of change, especially in performing inherently repetitive tasks in sales and marketing. Not only was this process wasting time, but it also introduced the possibility for error or watering down brand message. That’s why the company offers automation tools to create a streamlined, integrated and harmonious environment where data and assets really work for their masters, so the clients’ internal teams are freed up to focus more on their strategic and tactical goals. Libris makes it easy to manage and distribute product content. By automating product information management and publishing correct content consistently, Libris aspires to save time and change the world.

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