How Papirfly empowers agency customers to customize their own marketing material

Papirfly quickly became one of the most trusted names in marketing and brand management platform, helping hundreds of brands to centralize and distribute their content. But to validate that status and meet those expanding needs, this marketing and brand management platform provider needed to provide its customers with true self-service access. Luke Alexandre, Global Head of Sales & Partners, confirms how this SPICY star gained newfound agility and a considerable branding automation upgrade by incorporating smart templates from CHILI publish into its dynamic platform.

The struggle - Diluted marketing by a lack of enforced branding rules

The company realized it needed to provide its clients with an enhanced online solution that stopped a brand from spiraling out of control by handing the reins back into the hands of the customer. Paul René Engejordet, Product Director at Papirfly, reveals. “We didn’t want our users to have to contend with limited insight, while dealing with the muddled results of unenforced brand rules and the circulation of wildly different materials.”

The solution - Powering up the brand management platform with Smart Templates

Templatization proved to be the vital ingredient that was needed to help Papirfly create a digital marketing material creation platform where customers could customize collateral while maintaining their own unique branding guidelines.

“Our customers can finally take full control of their own branding material creation process” says Luke Alexandre on the benefits of working with CHILI publish.

The benefits - The power of branding, restored

The collaboration has helped facilitate a significant uptake in marketing materials created. Not to mention it reduces design time on both the agency and the brand side. For Papirfly, utilizing Smart Templates has enabled it to tailor and subsequently scale its solution, amounting in 100 new clients who have embraced the dynamic potential of the Papirfly Template Studio, powered by CHILI publisher.

“Customers tell us every day how much they enjoy the user-friendly experience and the additional value this tool brings to their business. They feel empowered to manage and activate their brand in an efficient and innovative way.” concludes Paul.

Papirfly's Template Studio

The self-service approach to keeping the design on-brand. Powerful and intuitive template technology is giving marketers the tools to design collateral that’s a credit to their brand. It creates a framework from which responsibility can be localized without compromising quality and brand consistency, making it easier to meet deadlines and control budgets. It’s what people need to stay on-brand and in control.

How does Papirfly serve over 350 customers effortlessly?

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Company profile

Papirfly is a leading international name in brand management and marketing material creation tools, with offices across the world. Their HUB application uses Template Studio with Smart Templates within CHILI publisher to deliver brand management excellence to some of the biggest and most recognized brands in the world, such as automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, BMW.

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