INTERMARCHÉ Boosts Local Retail Promotions for 1,800 Stores

Florian Payri, General Director at ARISTID Retail Technology, discusses how they leveraged CHILI GraFx as their Creative Automation engine to scale the production of promotional content for INTERMARCHÉ through their market offering, Brand&Shop.

ARiSTiD's offering, Brand&Shop, powered by CHILI GraFx

The struggle - Localizing digital & print promotions at scale while staying on-brand

INTERMARCHÉ is one of the leading French supermarket retailer founded in 1969, with an ever-growing footprint in national & international markets. With rising demands for localized & user-friendly experiences in retail, INTERMARCHÉ needed a way to enable their 1,800 local stores with promotional materials that were fit for their specific region, useful for multichannel campaigns, and that stayed on-brand. Without a centralized system in place, this challenge became paramount to solve.

Together with ARiSTiD's commercial offering, Brand&Shop, - powered by CHILI GraFx - INTERMARCHÉ geared up to innovate their creative production operations.

We help retailers like INTERMARCHÉ to make their transition to the omnichannel experience. Our technologies empower them to blend print and digital media, enabling the creation of highly personalized customer experiences at a large scale.

Florian Payri

General Director


The solution - Creative automation as the enabler of self-serve assets for local store promotions

To enable the high-volume creation of personalized media for INTERMARCHÉ, ARiSTiD Retail Technology developed and implemented a dedicated platform called Brand&Shop, which incorporates CHILI GraFx’s cutting-edge graphics production technology.

Thanks to this technology solution, the entire store network can now personalize promotions on a store-by-store basis. Campaign plans designed for nationwide implementation are now being used by individual stores to create localized in-store signage. The stores have an easy way to produce high definition and high quality visuals with modified pricing, imagery, and offer types. They can customize their assets while maintaining adherence to both brand and campaign guidelines.

As Florian Payri, General Director at ARISTID Retail Technology, says: "We created this tool to allow retailers to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time, in their store. This large-scale production facility
required for omnichannel output is only possible thanks to Creative Automation"

This is where CHILI GraFx’s advanced Creative Automation engine is essential. Its Smart Templates can generate an infinite number of creative variations while remaining 100% faithful to brand guidelines. Thanks to our platform, the entire INTERMARCHÉ network’s team can today create, print, and distribute thousands of totally unique commercial offers.

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The results - 28,000 localized creative assets, 150,000 promotional spots,and 180,000 catalogs

This is the annual creative asset output INTERMARCHÉ produces for its 1,800 stores.

Thanks to the combination of CHILI GraFx and ARISTID Retail Technology, all assets are created on demand with Creative Automation technology. The result is an unprecedented level of region-specific assets in the customer journey of INTERMARCHÉ’s clientele.

When ARISTID Retail Technology conducted a satisfaction survey among users within the INTERMARCHÉ store network, 80% of them expressed satisfaction with the technology solution after just a few months of use. This significant approval rating comes from a discerning user base operating in an environment with competitive pricing and promotions.

Company profile

ARiSTiD is the leader in the digitalization of retail communication. Enabling retailers to transform the production of their promotional operations, the sector’s main traffic vector. Thanks to their historical knowledge of the business and their data-centric software solutions, they modernize the commercial communication of brands and reorganize all internal processes. Their aim in doing this is to produce customizable and omnichannel offers on a larger scale. Thanks to ARiSTiD, retailers can easily create ultra-precise operations that closely reflect to the uses and desires of their customers and can be distributed via a multitude of channels.

They also turned to CHILI GraFx