CARREFOUR Drives Offer Personalization at Scale to 1.1 Million Customers

Undergoing a digital transformation in Retail Marketing, CARREFOUR pioneers the path to data-centric multichannel success with creative automation.

CARREFOUR combines big shopper data with big offer data to produce personalized product promotions to its customer base.

The struggle - Balancing scale with personalized customer experiences.

CARREFOUR, recognized as a behemoth in the global retail sector owning 1,200 stores, was at a crossroads. With a strong presence in the international market and a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, the challenge was to transition from a traditional retail model to a futuristic, digitally-powered ecosystem.

The goal was to not just keep pace but to set new standards in delivering personalized shopping experiences across multiple channels. Managing and efficiently delivering promotional content at scale, while ensuring it resonated with the individual preferences of millions of customers, was an ambitious task. The company needed to navigate through the complexities of data management, content customization, and the integration of new media platforms without compromising on brand integrity and customer trust.

Multichannel agility requires team alignment, centralization and structuring of ‘first party data’, and the use of the best graphical automation tools. These conditions are essential to meet the massive demands for both dynamic and personalized content.

Florian Payri

@ ARISTID Retail Technology

The solution - Data-driven graphics production at scale

In this transformative phase, CARREFOUR found a powerful ally in ARISTID Retail Technology, which brought the prowess of CHILI GraFx’s Creative Automation engine to the front. The collaboration was not merely about adopting new technology; it was about reimagining the entire promotional content ecosystem. ARISTID Retail Technology meticulously structured, organized, and enriched Carrefour’s proprietary data.

This groundwork was crucial in paving the way for creating highly personalized and engaging media variations. The solution heralded a shift from a one-size-fits-all paper catalog to a dynamic, data-driven promotional platform. It streamlined the production of promotional materials, ensuring they were not only brand-consistent but also highly customized to meet the diverse needs and preferences of CARREFOUR’s vast customer base.

The technological transformation was profound, setting new benchmarks in efficiency, scalability, and personalization.

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The results - More content, more clicks, more satisfaction

The strategic collaboration bore fruit, translating into measurable and impactful results. The shift to a data-centric, multichannel approach was met with overwhelming approval, as reflected in a significant 17-point increase in the customer satisfaction score.

The personalization capabilities were evident through the doubling of click rates in the newly introduced e-catalogs, attracting 200,000 daily visitors.

In the realm of in-store experience, the partnership enabled the production of 8 million locally priced POS displays each month, enhancing the shopping experience at a local level.

Moreover, the capability to produce 35,000 national flyer pages annually demonstrated the scalability and efficiency of the new system.

CARREFOUR, with this digital leap, is planning to expand its personalized promotions to its fourteen million customers.

The real-time, locally adjusted promotions model across all channels and content types is not just a testament to technological advancement but a reflection of CARREFOUR’s commitment to customer-centricity, innovation, and market dominance.

Company profile

ARiSTiD is the leader in the digitalization of retail communication. Enabling retailers to transform the production of their promotional operations, the sector’s main traffic vector. Thanks to their historical knowledge of the business and their data-centric software solutions, they modernize the commercial communication of brands and reorganize all internal processes. Their aim in doing this is to produce customizable and omnichannel offers on a larger scale. Thanks to ARiSTiD, retailers can easily create ultra-precise operations that closely reflect to the uses and desires of their customers and can be distributed via a multitude of channels.

They also turned to CHILI GraFx