A template (r)evolution - MyCreativeShop fuels up on CHILI publisher for incessant business growth

MyCreativeShop and its team have been working with CHILI publish for almost eight years. In that time, this SPICY star has evolved into an ever-growing solution provider of online marketing material for just about anybody. Founder Jason Frueh believes CHILI publisher to be a vital part of its ongoing success.

The struggle - the dark ages of printing

MyCreativeShop is one of CHILI publish’s oldest customers, and for good reason. Back in 2010, founder Jason Frueh wanted to create a business that enabled customers to create flyers and brochures online without the need for a graphic designer. Jason envisioned an end-to-end solution, but it required a lot of manual steps to create PDFs. It was a slow and laborious process stuck in the dark ages of digital print with a bad editor and user interface, limited traffic and ditto revenue. But that all changed when they implemented CHILI publisher in 2011.

The solution - streamlined template automation

For almost eight years, MyCreativeShop and CHILI publish have worked side by side and Jason’s business has been transformed. By automating the template formula and stabilizing the editing platform, the MyCreativeShop team of two was able to provide a service that adapted to the needs of its growing customer base. In fact, CHILI publish has become an integral part of the MyCreativeShop machine. “Truthfully, for us, without CHILI publisher we don’t have much of a business,” explains Jason. “It just offloads so much of what we do. We don’t have to think about the design engine, the output. We can focus on great templates, great user experience and give our users the best possible design experience that we can make.”

The results - unprecedented growth

With just a two-person team, MyCreativeShop now has millions of users using its end-to-end service. By moving from a manual design process where they charged $27 for a single template to a subscription-based service with unlimited access for $19.95, Jason saw a staggering 400% increase in revenue. Creating over 15,000 new templates a year, MyCreativeShop has continued its meteoric rise by knowing who its users are by building the CHILI publisher powered service platform that they want and need. Over half its users want to be able to create and print their designs from home, and CHILI publisher ensures they, and everyone else, can get the most out of its service.

We don’t have to think about the design engine, the output. We can focus on great templates, great user experience and give our users the best possible design experience that we can make.

Jason Frueh

@ MyCreativeShop

The benefits – ongoing reliability and trust

With CHILI publisher automating every facet of templatization, MyCreativeShop has seamlessly integrated it into the very fabric of the business. “The solution itself is extremely powerful. From the most basic of tasks to complex, it can do almost anything. It’s super-flexible, so we’ve been able to create our own interface around CHILI publisher without CHILI publisher really being seen.” By relying on an automated process, MyCreativeShop’s small team can support millions of users with a service that will fully utilize the versatility of the CHILI publisher API for years to come. “Our solution grew as we grew as entrepreneurs. To reach that kind of symbiosis, you need partners you can trust. We will keep using CHILI publisher from now up until the end of our business. It will go on forever.”

Company profile

MyCreativeShop is an online print service that specializes in flyers and brochures and continues to be one of CHILI publish’s oldest and most valued partners. Jason discusses the unrivalled benefits of CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, for a self-service business. “For us, CHILI publish is definitely a self-service technology. It allows all of our users to customize documents without us ever having to lay a finger on anything. They can personalize business cards, postcards, flyers and brochures without our team ever having to be involved whatsoever.”

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