Helloprint says goodbye to manual file handling interventions with CHILI publisher

The Helloprint e-commerce self-service platform makes ordering print online easy. It allows customers to easily enter the system, to either edit and/or correct files if and when required, to order their prints online and to check the status of their order. At the core of the system: CHILI publisher, built on XML and HTML5 with well-documented APIs for smooth modular integration.

The struggle - dummy-proofing the print-ready file

Print requires a PDF file to be realized, but not all customers are adept at preparing an accurate print-ready file. When preflight fails, manual intervention increases the labor costs, delays print delivery and basically aggravates the customer. Helloprint looked to offer a one-stop-shop web-to-print experience that provided access to a high-quality repository of templates, thus facilitating the flexibility to create own designs, without having to turn to an external resource.

“We just wanted to work with accurate, print-ready files that didn’t require manual intervention on our customer’s part, nor ours.” Michael Heerkens, CTO, Helloprint, explains.

The solution - legacy-independent cloud-based platform

With CHILI publish, assembling a number of cloud-based components around a core online editing solution is viable. As a result, the legacy pitfall is avoided and the use of a pure play cloud-based clean sheet design is possible. The online editing solution is built on XML and HTML5 with well-documented APIs that make it easy to integrate with other modules. The interface facilitates any design alteration to be done in real time. The HTML5-based system automatically preflights every file that comes in. The 3D proofing ensures the user that the designs are accurately incorporated. The outcome is a platform that is easy to use for inexperienced users, yet robust enough to meet the needs of more experienced users. Design from scratch or mere online editing – all can be done online, in real time. This significantly reduces the administrative and design time requirements at the enterprise and customer level.

The benefits - 40% manual intervention decrease

Since the implementation, the manual handling costs have dropped dramatically by no less than 40%. Michael Heerkens, CTO, Helloprint substantiates: “This is a huge win for us because every time we touch a file, it costs us €40. We process about 3000 orders per day with an average order size of about €100. Any manual touch really eats into our profit margin. Last year, over 400,000 print jobs have successfully left our production facilities, which makes us one of the top players in the European market. That’s because we facilitate the print creation online for them. The right file for us delivers the perfect print for them. As simple as hello.”

Michael Heerkens


The company - a SPICY star

As one of Benelux’s fastest growing e-commerce platforms, Helloprint offers more than 2,000 professionally designed templates to its customers to choose from, alongside the ability to start from a blank canvas. The system is integrated with Adobe® Fotolia®, enabling users to choose from millions of online photos while creating their designs. Adding their logos to promotional products, 3D viewing capability - all this made possible with CHILI publisher, the online editing solution that allows the customer to make design adjustments, proof and approve for production, without incurring any extra costs.

Helloprint primarily serves small businesses, the SOHO market and does business with the trade. Print is produced through its network of more than 150 suppliers in 8 countries. Its cloud-based system is robust and scalable enough to equally support larger enterprises. The company is currently in the process of increasing the range of branded designs it offers to larger customers.






Manual interventions to create accurate print-ready PDF files eating away at Helloprint’s profit margin.


Integrating CHILI publisher as a component, enabled the company to avoid the legacy pitfall and operate in a
cloud-based manner. A huge plus alongside the e-commerce platform integration options.


The inbuilt self-service model eliminates time loss and costs by making customers self-reliant in the process.


Leveraging native, cloud-based components has helped economizing costs in-line, while allowing the ability to scale as the business grows.


A drastic reduction of manual intervention on Helloprint’s side, a wide range of ready-made templates for customers to choose from and customize at will, never failing to deliver the perfect print-ready file.


  • Open platform
  • Well-documented procedures for e-commerce platform integration
  • Accurate print-ready PDF files at all times
  • Invaluable implementation guidance
  • Smooth process for the best print outcome


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