Tailored food – tailored package A three-step partner program

Growing food intolerance levels and increased direct availability of nearly any kind of ingredient allow for tailored cooking. Food suppliers can easily collate all ingredients as per the customer’s preference. As it turns out, smart printers can create an equally personalized package. All it takes, is a three-step partner program that secures a smart automation mix.

The struggle - mix and match

A major retail brand was looking to distribute individualized packages via regional pop-up breakfast shops. Like the pop-up “Petit Déjeuner sur l’herbe”, which offered Ms. Marianne Lemaire a vegan gluten free cranberry breakfast. Tailored ingredient composition is automated to precision in the food retailer’s logistics chain, yet translating this unique service to the retailing customer leaves much to be desired. Smart shops like this pop-up think their marketing through and aim for a customer relationship that will last. Offering individualized packaging as an extra service on top of the unique food delivery, increasingly ties the customer to their business and the brand. Distributing individualized packages via regional pop-up breakfast shops are now a reality, thanks to smart cooperating partnerships like the one between Galilée, DALIM Software and CHILI publish.

​The solution - smart process automation

The triad cooperation resulted from the joint efforts of packaging marketing departments at their clients’. They saw the synergies between existing solutions in the market and alerted the companies. The partnership did not require IT project generators, everything is done by system integration.

This resulted in some current day success stories where each of the following plays an essential role:

  • Galilée – Delivered and installed the EasyPack Module of the Marketing Production Platform of this customer. This solution enables the collation of the ERP data, along with the processing, streamlining and grouping of all marketing, legal, and visual marketing aids. The retailer prepares the template for the personalized package.
  • CHILI publisher – the online editing tool that allows users to online edit any packaging template that is available for the brand.
  • DALIM Software – integrated Twist, the digital production workflow that makes sure the document is pitch perfect, preflighted, approved for print and stored in the EasyPack system.

The combination of these three partner solutions enables Marianne Lemaire to order her breakfast at le Petit Déjeuner sur l’herbe, enables the pop-up to order the tailored breakfast via the brand’s online order management process and immediately order the accompanying package to go with it. Sorted, packed, sealed and delivered - all in one go.

The benefits - a brand love trinity​

The combined efforts have the customer’s best interest at heart and secure a triple brand relationship building. The customer can bond with the pop-up retailer, who in turn can bond with the brand, who in turn gains new insight (and data) in the mindset of his end customer. All three parties are intertwined thanks to a customer-centric approach to retailing.

Arnaud Mazon


Big brand benefiting from trinity cooperation between Galilée, DALIM Software and CHILI publish

The case study above is based on a real life big brand story in a similar market. A non-disclosure on the name does not necessarily rule out sharing the success of the cooperation. Big brands had to find new ways to build stellar relationships with their retailers and customers – packaging is one way.









Retailer who turns to big brand looking
for individualized packaging for tailored
customer food experience.


Scalable online editor that can be easily
integrated, enabling individualization for both small and large packaging volumes.


CHILI publisher was fully
integrated in 3 months’ time;
first individualized package
delivered in 2 months’ time.


Minor added cost the whole retailer price, major ROI in terms of brand/customer bonding relationship.


Packaging individualization -a strategic customer-centric approach that secures brandretailer-customer relationship



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