As customers moved away from DTP based yearbook creation, Entourage Yearbooks needed an online document editing solution to be able to create customizable yearbooks. CHILI publisher proved to offer both an outstanding backend as well as an excellent design set.

The struggle - technology failure

Yearbooks are a part of American High School heritage for over 100 years. Some consider it the biggest legacy classes can leave behind when graduating. Schools spends weeks preparing the yearbooks. But with the online technology growing stronger, Entourage Yearbooks looked for a solution that would allow yearbooks to be created online – according to preset school branding regulations. A yearbook needs to be customizable per class graduating per school, requiring a reliable and robust online document editing module.

The solution - facilitator

CHILI publisher did just the trick. Elias Jo, President of Entourage Yearbooks, was impressed: “We aimed at delivering the best yearbook experience within the latest technology, design and printing techniques. But we couldn’t customize it. When we invested in CHILI publisher, we loved the way it worked as the online editor we needed and how it backed up all templates and documents. Hassle-free customization, just what we needed.” The companies have been working alongside for years to make sure both the solution and business keep on growing. Elias states: “It’s been a pleasure dealing with the CHILI publish team. They offer great guidance and support. Any request in product development is amazingly quickly processed and implemented. We grow, they grow, we all benefit.”

The benefits - business optimizationThe match was an instant hit.

The business of Entourage Yearbooks boomed. The platform supports over 3,000 schools with the CHILI publisher frontend, up to about 2 to 20 users per schools in general. Elias expands: “On average, we create somewhere in the magnitude of five hundred thousand new CHILI publisher documents per year. That’s how good it works.” The company is specifically happy with the way it can not only create different design documents, but also how all documents are backed up in the backend and how easily they can be made print-ready.

Elias Jo

President of Entourage Yearbooks

The company - a SPICY star

Publisher Entourage Yearbooks is considered the leading yearbook publisher in the US and 18 other countries abroad, as they revolutionized the yearbook creation and publication process. Integrating CHILI publisher proved an essential element in their software creation tool. And this longtime user doesn’t plan to fold on the cooperation soon. Elias concludes: “Our customers often say how easy breezy we have made the yearbook creation for them. I consider that a tribute to our collaboration with CHILI publish. It’s a journey we’ve taken together.”



Entourage Yearbooks

New Jersey & Los Angeles, US



Moving the yearbook creation process from DTP to an online experience, but lacking
an online editing tool.


Integrable online editor with the back end to back documents and activities up.


Early and consistent adopter of CHILI publish. Rapid product development based on customer feedback ensures solution grows alongside its users.


Web2print creation of yearbooks reduces manual DTP errors, resulting in speedy le2print time.


Entourage Service tool aka online yearbook design experience tailored to the user’s particular audience.


  • CHILI editor with lots of features and customization options.
  • CHILI backend with wide variety of tools, ranging from designing documents, storing templates to preparing press-ready files

Long-term partner

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