CHILI publisher was the product generator the company needed for their customer web2print platform.

The struggle - challenging

De Budelse had created an innovative customer platform, called BuDi, that consisted of 3 key elements: a webshop to order products, a product generator to design the products and a logistics module to manage order processing, payment and distribution. The goal: minimize outsourcing marketing material handling to external agencies (such as design or translation) and optimize the insourcing on the customer side. In short, offer the customer full control over the entire marketing content creation process. Solid plan, so the company’s ICT department designed the whole set-up. Patrick Killian, ICT project manager at De Budelse, stated: “Creating everything in-house is a time-intensive process, but it’s worth it. Account management, accounting, that information is too sensitive to outsource.” Except the product generator. Why create this in-house if and when the market has something ready-made on offer?

The solution - flexible

The team shopped around for a product generator that would fit the needs. Mr. Killian remembers: “It was pretty obvious we’d go for CHILI publisher. The software’s open API was music to our ICT ears. We could cherry-pick what we needed and integrate the solution in a tailored manner into our template. Worked like a charm, from the very start.” Customers can now incorporate their specific look and feel into the webshop, making sure their products are linked to their template in the product generator. In the development process of their one-stop-shop web2print webshop three elements were crucial. The solution as a whole had to be functional, flexible and offering the customer maximum freedom in managing their order, creation, production, payment and delivery process. Whether an in – or outsourced resource, these requirements have to be met, CHILI publish was suited to oblige.

The benefits - controllably free

CHILI publisher offers the users both maximum freedom and maximum control within the platform’s flexibility. The customer is in full control of the template, product selection, design changes, up to 3D-presentations of the product. The following flow steps are equally automized, from production to logistics to payment. Every part on its own is exceptionally efficient and functional. Making BuDi as platform, with the CHILI Publisher software at the core of the system, so very powerful and valuable to its users.

Patrick Killian

ICT project manager at De Budelse

The company - a SPICY star

De Budelse is an innovative graphic company that targets the packaging and print markets with both offset, digital and ICT solutions. Customers are mainly located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. ICT and process automation are crucial links between De Budelse and its clients, as this ensures the required versatility, flexibility and a short time-to-market. The company is currently looking to further expand, with personalization high on the wish list.



De Budelse bv

Budel, The Netherlands


No tailored product differentiation options in the customer web2print platform.


Flexible, functional online editing solution that could be easily integrated.


Short turnaround time for ad hoc assignments.


Open API and accessibility that adjusts to the system’s needs and the company budget.


A self-sufficient webshop where customers can handle the work themselves.


  • Open CHILI API
  • CHILI editor (product generator)
  • 3D visualization

Complete control
Maximum freedom

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