Custom packaging made easy – Ink n Art moves the creative needle with CHILI publisher Online

Jesper Hammarstrand, CEO and owner of Swedish packaging design specialist Ink n Art reveals how a dream of creating a web shop where customers could create customized packaging and printed media became a reality with the creative automation software, CHILI publisher Online.

The struggle - Integrating customization and design into the web ordering process

Ink n Art had sold packaging for many years, but not always with the support of in-house production. “We believe custom packaging should be easy to design, so we wanted to create a digital service that truly empowered users with their own creations,” reveals Jesper on the road that led Ink n Art to collaborating with CHILI publish.

The solution - Making designing easy and fun for every customer, regardless of skill level

The ability to offer users a customization experience that marries both creative automation and manual creativity has impressed both staff and customers. It has enabled Ink n Art to offer innovative tools that further enhance the online design process.

The results - A game-changing packaging design experience for all

Empowering customers to design their own packaging, stickers and cards online with ease, and without the need to hire external help, really helps sell the whole experience at Ink n Art.

“Our company and business are moving fast. That calls for solutions and partners that can handle that pace. The flexibility of CHILI publisher Online and the cooperation with the CHILI publish team proved we made the right choice. Now and in the future.”

— Jesper Hammarstrand

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How Ink n Art offers customers over 100 custom box designs

Discover how 1 SaaS integration got Ink n Art to offer customers over 100 custom box designs and deliver a printed design within 5 days?

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Company profile

Ink n Art is a print- and packaging company based in Gothenburg operating across Europe.

 Their goal is to simplify custom packaging and prints for brands and people. They use CHILI publisher to allow their users create their own customized packaging and printed media printed products. 

In addition to providing to a webshop with fully customizable unboxing kits - they help with large format printing, custom printed clothes, merchandise and promotional products. 

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