In a class of its own - Claas unifies print marketing with CHILI publisher

Steering the worldwide print marketing activities in the right direction for the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural engineering equipment and technology, is no easy task. It called for a web-to-print system that would offer the dealership the required operational support. And to further align sales and marketing activities, CLAAS turned to its IT partner, Laudert, who knew what their technology partner CHILI publish had on offer. CHILI publisher proved the missing link for CLAAS to create a smooth operational strategy that offered a unified marketing management system to streamline print activities.

The struggle - effectively and efficiently coordinate all sales and marketing activities across a huge workforce in over 20 countries

Operational support was given through a web-to-print system, but this was not enough. There was scattered marketing information that needed to be streamlined. This is where CLAAS turned to their media and IT partner Laudert, who recommended CHILI publisher. They knew this Universal Graphics Engine could streamline template creation via the back engine, and optimize print marketing efforts.

The solution - intuitive centralized creation hub for individual print marketing needs

Laudert implemented the latest edition of Print Manager at CLAAS’, an enterprise solution from LaudertPrintBase®. This full-featured web-to-print system comes with the intuitive integration of CHILI publisher offering a broad range of features. Marketing material creation is now not only CI-compliant, but also comes with maximum individualization possibilities. The connection to a CELUM image database and a centralized, theme-specific maintenance of text blocks in OXID result in consistent data sets. Two options are now available for the creation of customized media in the Print Manager: users can choose whether they initiate a print job of the selected documents or they can download a print-ready PDF.

The benefit - uniform brand appearance

The result is not only a drastic reduction in the total amount of basic marketing design templates, but also a significant increase in options for design, themes and text elements. Brand specific content is safeguarded, while creativity gets stimulated alongside brand guidelines. The combination of technologies generated the ideal platform for uniformity and consistency in the CLAAS brand appearance. A new responsive design based on HTML5 enabled mobile use on tablets. Individual designs get stored for future reuse. A central login via SAML integration allows the Print Manager to be opened directly from the CLAAS intranet, without the need to login again. The smooth operative process has facilitated the intuitive creation of individual and customized marketing material.

“Thanks to our connection to our Celum image database and the use of intelligent templates the print media production with LaudertPrintBase® becomes ever easier, more intuitive and faster for us and our partners.”, comments Andrea Wilke, Group Marketing, CLAAS KGaA mbH.

Company profile

Seit gut einem Jahrhundert prägt CLAAS, ein 1913 gegründetes Familienunternehmen, die Welt der Landwirtschaft. Mit Hauptsitz im westfälischen Harsewinkel ist man europäischer Marktführer bei Mähdreschern und Weltmarktführer in einem weiteren bedeutenden Segment, selbstfahrenden Feldhäckslern. Auf Spitzenplätzen für weltweite Agrartechnik liegt CLAAS auch mit Traktoren, landwirtschaftlichen Pressen und Grünland-Erntemaschinen. Modernste landwirtschaftliche Informationstechnologie komplettiert das Produktsortiment. Bei rund 11.500 Mitarbeitern weltweit wurde 2015 ein Jahresumsatz von 3,8 Milliarden Euro erzielt. Der Print Manager auf Basis von LaudertPrintBase® ist seit Februar 2016 im Einsatz. Eine sechsmonatige Testphase war vorausgegangen.

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