Brokering in Real Estate creativity – How AGICOM makes social marketing profitable

Nicolas Benzoni from ISIPRINT/AGICOM near Marne-la-Vallée discusses the challenges its real estate agent clientele faces when operating in a no-touch world, and how AGICOM utilized Smart Templates to streamline its approach to digital content and social media graphics. From gathering data to improving the automation process, Nicolas reveals the benefits of switching to an all-digital approach.

The struggle – Connecting real estate agencies to their customers in a no-touch environment

Digital and print agency AGICOM has been supporting real estate market agencies for more than 10 years. Supported by their print services provider ISIPRINT, AGICOM has been working with CHILI publish since 2016, providing a dynamic web2print solution that serves some of the largest real estate agency networks in France.

Smart Templates have been used to create over 100 documents used by 1300 different agencies, but the need for online communication has changed the landscape of the European property market.

Now both agencies and customers need a digital solution for the marketing and promotion of physical properties.

The solution – Using the familiarity of Smart Templates to stage a digital setting

With templatization, AGICOM is now able to offer a full suite of digital documents, as well as the ability for users to create fully customizable social media banners for all major platforms, optimized and fully updated with the latest property information.

AGICOM leveraged the flexibility equity we knew CHILI publisher provided for the ORPI print work into a digital and social setting. Three smart API integrations and not a data error or brand violation in sight. Not too bad for a network of 1300 agencies all across France.

— Nicolas Benzoni

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The results – Embracing an all-digital experience in a no-touch world

Now users can promote, market and nurture property sales in an all-digital format that adheres to brand guidelines – all within the confines of a safe, no-touch environment.

Benzoni concludes: “Agencies can now create digital collateral to promote their properties, and, more importantly, enable users to translate those same branding principles to social media graphics so that a network member can retain a consistent look and feel to any web-based content. And since the system is drawing from the same database of information, users can ensure every piece of digital advertising matches the required branding standards. Everyone wins.”

How did AGICOM get 1300 agencies all over France to create local social media ads?

And get them to tick all the branding boxes with only 100 templates?
Only one way to find out. Click here for the full story.

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Company profile

AGICOM has been supporting real estate market agencies for over 10 years out of its offices based near Marne-la-Vallée, France. In 2021, AGICOM launches “Bienvisible”, an application designed specifically for real estate agency networks. Bienvisible allows agencies to automate the chart layout of documents running their advertisements and customer reviews. Not only will they be able to print these documents, but the solution also features a module to publish these announcements and customer reviews on social networks.

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