Scaling Franchise Marketing

Creative Automation gives franchisees the tools they need to localize and customize their marketing materials, while staying on-brand. Discover the state of affairs of graphic production in Franchising, and learn how big players in the automotive, restaurant fulfillment, food & drinks industry tackle their design challenges.

During this webinar recording, different experts in the franchise marketing industry will show how Smart Templates maximize online tools for offline engagement based on real use cases:

  1. Ola Norrman, Global Account Manager / Head of International Sales at BrandMaster will explain how their Brand Portal has helped BMW secure brand activation in the automotive industry.
  2. Jarod Joyce, Creative Direct at Dot-It Restaurant Fulfilment will show how they create marketing and allow their clients to enjoy real-time editing and creating through Smart Templates and their Brand Portal in the food & drinks industry.
  3. Gary Howard, CTO at Precision Marketing, will demonstrate how they help Subway link the physical and digital experience for customers by making static print dynamic again for more flexible and scalable marketing assets.

Scaling your franchising marketing activities is possible by tapping into creative automation, delivering a self-service platform where everyone can create designs respecting the brand guidelines and better using data.