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Now retailers can automate graphic production, go to market faster and gain operational ROI.

Retailers are being tested to the limit to leverage MarTech tools that create better customer experiences and deliver operational efficiencies. First-party data has never been in more demand to drive personalization engines that create high value customer segments and global multi-channel promotions. CHILI publish’s Creative Automation platform allows retailers to optimize graphic production to deliver both print and digital content online and in-store – and go to market faster at a reduced operational cost.

On brand, at scale

Retailers and brands have never had more options to promote products and share brand stories – in store, online, through new devices, and on social platforms. Retail brands commonly sell direct to consumers, and resell through a complex network of retail corporations or online marketplaces where brand guidelines can break down. So you need brand control at scale.

Faster to market

Inventory updates and prices change constantly and sometimes overnight in the case of F&B, FMCG and franchises. Today for most retailers, the back-end data and technology exists to manage and track global expiring products and purchase changes. For retailers the need to make last minute price changes, for example can take hours or days. So, it all slows down when it comes to quick response time to deliver updated price labels, offers and campaigns to regional stores. Inventory depletion isn’t always the same at a store level too, so you need a way to pivot quickly to update localized offers and prices across regions.

Bridge the online-offline gap

CHILI publish supports retailers and brands as they transition to the digital rethink of brick and mortar, meeting them where they are and arming them with a spectrum of physical (print) and digital graphic production automation tools. The CHILI publisher engine makes it easier to create regionally based variants (language, size, print or digital output) in minutes rather than hours or days with QR codes that drive consumers online and in-store. You need it to be easier to meld the online-offline gap.

The multi-store format challenge

Some retailers have multiple store formats and need local stores to customize sizes for everything from shelf talkers to POS displays and price labels. CHILI publisher’s platform allows graphic designers to create all of that in different sizes and then offer an online template for marketers in the field to select a best-selling product with a localized address and language – then send to a local printer. You need an easy way to create unique sizes so you’re not beholden to a single format.

Get to market faster

Nothing beats personalized service and interactive experiences to create customer loyalty. Today, you can give access to local stores to create controlled branded communications without the help of a graphic designer. CHILI publisher gives your HQ brand teams the ability to lock in brand guidelines, and then give template access to salespeople in stores to personalize loyalty mailers with coupons, QR codes and more.

Industry-leading retailers, agencies, and CPG companies rely on powerful CHILI Publish graphic production automation tools to create agile graphic variants at scale. Marketers and graphic designers whether in-house or at an external agency can be more productive and agile by improving workflows allowing them to scale and do more, and the business gains ROI.

Companies with a strong Creative Tech foundation that adopt Creative Automation can take full advantage, while those stuck with legacy tools will fall behind the curve.

Kevin Goeminne


@ CHILI publish

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