CHILI GraFx - Creative Automation

Boost your graphical production with CHILI GraFx—the Creative Automation platform.

CHILI GraFx is the creative automation platform that boosts the production of multichannel print or digital output variations.


See your creative output grow exponentially while bringing new skills to your teams and reducing repetitive work. You’ll produce more impactful, on-brand content with less resources, freeing up the creative potential of your teams.


Enable ‘glocal’ customization of branded content by remote teams or build the data-driven marketing solution of the future. Creative automation brings limitless scalability to your creativity.


Personalize content and style for maximum impact then reach your prospects through the multichannel. Creative automation outputs unlimited variations ready for distribution through any digital or print channel.

With CHILI GraFx, digital campaigns, print or digital POS labels and displays or social media banners can now be produced at the fast-moving demand to personalize experiences for consumers online or in-store.

Designed by professionals, for professionals

Creative Automation can mean many things to many people. There are consumer versions built for individuals for easy-to-create personal or community-based artwork. That’s not where we play. CHILI GraFx is a robust engine built on ideals to make graphic variant production scalable for professional brands and agencies who want to serve promotions and brand messages to a large customer base – online or in-store. Our platform integrates with data sources and imports designs from InDesign® and Illustrator® to make it easy for graphic design professionals to use – to then create brand-controlled self-serve tools for marketers.

Industry-leading retailers, agencies, and CPG companies rely on powerful CHILI GraFx graphic production tools to create agile graphics at scale.

  • Integrate with existing MarTech using familiar tools and current brand assets
  • Populate Smart Templates drawing from current data sources
  • Automate repetitive tasks, freeing your creative teams to create
  • Distribute hyper-localized and personalized campaigns to high-value consumer segments
  • Empower non-designers with intuitive, on-demand tools
  • Output print and digital output from a single source
  • Manage exponential brand variants with accuracy and ease
  • Deploy marketing messages to countless print mediums and digital platforms without error
  • Extend global reach integrating regional and language variants

Leverage your data to personalize at scale

If you’ve got segmentation, purchase and behavioral data for end customers, GraFx Publisher becomes even more powerful. It was designed to scale graphic variants based on your data, images, prices, offers, languages, addresses, coupon codes, QR codes, bar codes… all of it… to a prepared Smart Template. And Smart Templates make it easy for marketers or salespeople in the field to create localized versions for print or digital output. It's a marketer’s and graphic designer’s dream.

Automate to reduce repetitive tasks

CHILI GraFx customers get time back in their day to create more and better customer experiences. Mindspace. Instead of lots of manual work to produce hundreds of tedious variants, you can make global price changes in minutes, rather than hours or graphic designers prepare Smart Templates that can be repurposed from one month to the next for common promotional output like shelf talkers, price labels, end-isle displays, signage, mailers and social banners.

Get to market faster

Marketers need to respond quickly to customer demand, or head off inventory overages with end-customer promotions either in store or online. Or to promote new product line on seasonal timelines. Automation has been invented for many aspects of the marcom stack, but until now, producing personalized content at scale for both print and digital output slows the whole thing down. The CHILI GraFx platform was designed with marketers in mind to get personalized and localized content delivered at scale faster than ever before.

Gain Operational ROI

Brands are saving as much as 90% ROI by reducing communications and project management alone. FMCG brands leverage their data and CHILI’s fully-automated production capabilities to update POS displays in real time. Organizations are removing the number of requests from the field to graphic designer teams by creating smart templates that marketers for field agents can access to customize without a graphic designer’s help! Find out more about our customer use cases here.

How Creative Automation works at scale

Watch this webinar to discover how big brands benefit from using a Creative Automation platform and what roles, platforms services, and approach you'll need to be effective. Then we'll discuss how to set up to test the platform in a POC format to take your graphic production to full scale.

Who can benefit from Creative Automation?

For Brands

Find out how brands and retailers who have their own in-house agencies can deliver personalized content at scale.
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For Agencies

Find out how creative and production agencies can deliver personalized content at scale.
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CHILI GraFx’s creative automation empowers retailers and brands to deploy multi-channel marketing messages seamlessly and consistently across all physical and digital platforms and devices. And you never sacrifice brand integrity. CHILI GraFx helps your marketers and graphic designers, in-house and agency side, be more productive and agile. Get improved workflows, scale graphic production fast, and do more, while the business increases ROI.

Creative teams spend between 30-50% of their time managing the manual process of design adaptation. You can drastically reduce or even eliminate that with CHILI GraFx Creative Automation.

Ward De Langhe

Chief Product Officer

@ CHILI publish

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