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Real estate marketing is super-competitive. As construction is at an all time high, the pressure is on the real estate agent to sell properties faster. With CHILI publisher, agents can launch their own campaigns based on approved templates by the marketing team in minutes. This gives agents the power to sell properties before they even hit the website. This is real estate marketing software you'll actually love to use.

Allow realtors to build and launch their own marketing campaigns

In the competitive field of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is a necessity. As every property is unique, no two marketing assets are the same. Smart Templates reduce the time to market by letting agents create their own localized and customized collateral such as flyers, direct mails, brochures and much more. With no review cycles needed to stay on-brand.

Stay ahead of the curve

Customize marketing assets

Reduce time to market

Hyper-personalized & data-driven flyers and postcards

Connecting Smart Templates with contacts and property data sets lets agents quickly create data-driven, on-brand marketing assets for web-to-print or web-to-mail within the marketing platform. Making the agents self-reliant when creating personalized marketing campaigns leads to an impressive ROI for real estate companies.

Create data-driven custom marketing assets

Use assets online and in print

Great ROI

Real estate marketing software that speeds up sales

We know properties need to be sold fast. With CHILI publisher, your agent can immediately start a marketing campaign for a new property. And smart templates ensure the materials they produce are on-brand and good to go. Marketers can focus on building a great brand. Agents can focus on selling the property.

Launch campaigns faster

Ensure everything is on-brand

Drastically reduce design workload

Finding a solution that could deliver the right combination of user experience and data-driven performance was a challenge until we found the CHILI GraFx.

Gary Howard

Creative Director, UK

@ Precision Marketing

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