CHILI publisher Online: The leading browser-based publishing software

CHILI publisher is the world's most advanced online editor. Its Smart Templates let users of any skillset edit like a pro with pre-set designs. Enjoy the ultimate user experience in the browser.

The world's most advanced online editor

CHILI publisher transforms Adobe™ InDesign™ or Illustrator™ files into Smart Templates. Users edit in the browser, customize their materials, and get professional results. All with unparalleled ease-of-use.

  • Smart Templates
  • Extensive feature set
  • Easy customization

Smart Templates in a Publishing Platform enable customer self service

What if it were possible to make personalized brochures or online banners in just 2 minutes? CHILI publisher's Smart Templates publishing tool let users create documents without assistance. Smart Templates guide which elements can be modified and in which way.

  • Users create their own documents for print and online
  • Smart Templates guide what can be edited and how
  • No assistance needed

Seamless integration

CHILI publisher Online gets users up and running in no time, without the hassle of tech administration: no downloads, no plugins, no installs—just a smooth integration in the browser.

  • Quick start
  • No technical administration
  • Runs in the browser

Elias Jo

@ Entourage Yearbooks

When we invested in CHILI publisher, we loved the way it worked as the online editor we needed and how it backed up all templates and documents. Hassle-free customization, just what we needed.

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