The team at 4ALLPORTAL live and breathe smart data management, and they’ve fully integrated their platform to deliver highly efficient DAM-to-Publish workflows. Digitization of media assets often creates unmanageable storage and versioning complexity, but 4ALLPORTAL have simplified brand (DAM) and product (PIM) information into a centralized, user-friendly platform. Best of all, it connects directly to CHILI publisher Smart Templates. With amazing simplicity, you can now deliver on-brand, up-to-date, multichannel marketing at incredible speed

How 4ALLPORTAL works with CHILI publish

Imagine being able to find a product’s brand resources (images, videos, collateral, etc.) in the same place as the product’s technical and sales descriptions, contacts, and other information. That’s already a huge timesaver delivered by 4ALLPORTAL.

Now add to this the ability to automatically pull brand and product resources from 4ALLPORTAL into CHILI publisher, and to create always on-brand marketing materials for the multichannel that will update automatically at the same time as the data source.

4ALLPORTAL’s dedicated integration with CHILI publisher makes this publishing dream a reality. Designers are able to fully manage their CHILI publisher Smart Templates in 4ALLPORTAL, and can create, design, approve, assign tasks, etc. to their templates, all within the platform.

Moreover, the intuitive and full-featured interface enables users with any level of technical skill to easily create marketing materials by using existing Smart Templates and the latest data from 4ALLPORTAL.

From retail to agencies and beyond, this power-combo of smart data management and Smart Templates can significantly reduce complexity in marketing production workflows, while increasing flexibility and production speed for multichannel output.

Why choose 4ALLPORTAL?

  • Work with a single source of truth for all your data
  • Automate creation of high-quality, on-brand marketing materials from DAM and PIM data
  • Dramatically accelerate your approval workflows and template creation
  • Simplify any Web2Print processes
  • Enjoy an easy-to-use but full-featured user interface

4ALLPORTAL works well with

4ALLPORTAL integration with CHILI publisher

4ALLPORTAL’s dedicated integration connects CHILI publisher to 4ALLPORTAL, enabling you to exchange assets and product data between the platforms without manual, intermediate steps. When files change in the 4ALLPORTAL, intelligent CHILI publisher documents can be automatically updated. You can even view CHILI publisher documents from within 4ALLPORTAL!

Customer Highlights - DG Nexolution

DG Nexolution (DGX) implemented 4ALLPORTAL with CHILI publisher to automate the creation of office supplies. DGX can now offer retailers, banks and other businesses a webshop where users sign in, choose existing templates, fill out personal data, and order final creations with just a few clicks. There’s no searching for information, no complicated design, and no endless communication with marketing departments.

What's behind the magic? The webshop merges Smart Templates from CHILI publisher with information such as contact information, product data, descriptions, prices, logos and much more, all managed in 4ALLPORTAL.


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  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA


  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Agencies
  • Service industry

Get in touch with 4ALLPORTAL

Want to learn more about how 4ALLPORTAL can grow your business? Contact them directly today: d.vieregge@4allportal.com

Company profile

4ALLPORTAL is more than the central management of media and product information. With the RESTful API and countless integrations to CMS-Systems, Shops, ERP and Active Directory 4ALLPORTAL becomes the golden record of data sources. Let all stakeholders access the right and latest information. Marketing, Human Ressurces, Product Management, Graphic Designers and other creatives will be able to use images, videos, descriptions and all product information in the way they should.

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