Web-To-Print Software: CHILI publisher delivers the best online editor

CHILI publisher is now more accessible than ever as a Web-To-Print SaaS. Upgrade your portal with CHILI publisher Online's editor, and bring the ultimate user experience to your customers. Differentiate from your competitors with the best online editing experience.

The world's most advanced document editor for your web-to-print portal

CHILI publisher transforms Adobe™ InDesign™ or Illustrator™ files into Smart Templates. Empower your clients with a feature set they know from desktop applications and make it easy for them to customize their materials in your web-to-print platform.

  • Smart Templates
  • Extensive feature set
  • Easy customization

Smart Templates enable self-service

What if your customers could make personalized brochures in just 2 minutes? CHILI publisher's Smart Templates let users create their documents without assistance. You decide which elements they can edit and in which way.

  • Customers create their own documents
  • You decide what can they can edit and how
  • No assistance needed

Effortless integration with your storefront and other software

The new CHILI publisher Online web-to-print solution gets you up and running in no time, without the hassle of tech administration. Integrating is quick and easy, with a complete and well-documented API.

  • Quick start
  • No technical administration
  • Comprehensive API

Jason Frueh

CHILI publisher powers everything we do. It allows all of our users to personalize business cards, postcards, flyers and brochures without our team ever having to be involved.

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