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There’s a missing link in most big brands’ web-to-print workflow solutions. While automation has improved the workflow landscape, their creative production process has remained a stubborn outlier.

Studios trying to match the pace of automation with manual design work quickly become a bottleneck in web-to-print solutions. Print delivery times suffer. Creative marketing is hampered by time-sucking manual intervention. And design teams end up drowning in a sea of repetitive, uncreative work.

You need a system that supports complex, dynamic, repeatable templates. So you can do more with fewer templates.

Big brands, agencies and high-volume printers all need something better. GraFx publisher is the Creative Automation platform that unleashes web-to-print production possibilities that marketing and creative professionals will love.

Smart Templates, smarter production

Whether you’re pulling data from DAM/PIM/CMS systems or enabling users to localize/personalize existing designs, Smart Templates optimize it all by automating the multitude of variants you need for multichannel output.

  • No developers required for template changes – with a few hours of training, designers are in full control
  • Resizable templates and on-the-fly versioning
  • Intelligent text copyfitting and dynamic content repurposing for any print format

Powerful API tools to connect to any solution

GraFx publisher is a fully API-first platform, providing limitless options for integrating Creative Automation into your web-to-print solution. It connects to any DAM, PIMS, CMS, ecommerce or other solution, then enables high-volume, data-driven content to flow at warp speed from creation to ink on paper.

  • Decouples creative production from creative design
  • Enables brands and agencies to deliver more targeted print content, including ‘Phygital’ online/in-store personalized campaigns
  • Connects to any platform or tool through a comprehensive REST API

Print, packaging and digital tools for professionals

For print production at scale, Smart Templates streamline variant production. They organize rich data and content, and then give you professional output high-end print runs. From an easy-to-use web portal to large volume, lights-out print juggernauts, GraFx publisher’s tools let you execute the print production you need.

  • Automate creative production for print and digital output
  • Integrate with any technology/platform via an open REST API
  • Professional level print configurability and output

Scalable, targeted, localized marketing

One reusable Smart Template can serve all regions and variant needs. Designers build global templates to lock in brand, photos and data variants then post front-end templates online where marketers can create variants without breaking brand or design guidelines!

  • Ratio-based logo placement ensures your logo is never in the wrong place
  • Pinpointed photo focal points guarantee content is always perfectly framed
  • Marketers can easily add discounts in any currency

Brands and agencies can work together – from anywhere

Step out of the creative silo! GraFx publisher’s cloud-based architecture means global marketing teams can design Smart Templates then make them accessible to regional marketers to change size, language, imagery, and more without compromising brand integrity.

  • Stakeholders anywhere can localize content for their markets.
  • Agency and brand teams can collaborate on Smart Templates and content.
  • Creative infrastructure is simplified into a single, cloud-based service.

Luke Alexandre - Global Head of Sales & Partners at BrandMaster

Our customers can finally take full control of their own branding material creation process.

We render millions of designs every month. We got you.

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