With CHILI publisher, SELL leverages personalisation for powerful cross-media marketing

The UGE differentiator – personalised asset generation

SELL BASE is a platform for content management (PIM) and cross-media publishing created by SELL (France) in 2010. Initially a service provider for catalogue compilation, SELL decided to embrace publishing; SELL BASE was founded on the idea that the effectiveness of marketing tools depends on how well product data are managed. Now the integration of CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine from CHILI publish, has enabled SELL to round off its range of services by providing clients with a tool to create their own commercial documentation. The result is easy publishing for all, based on corporate identity and fully secured content.

The challenge – opening up to personalisation

The rapid advance of the internet and digital printing has provoked a sea change. Mass marketing has given way to one-to-one marketing. “You don’t sell the same roof tiles in Lille as you do in Marseille. So it’s essential to be able to create catalogues that are tailored to the market, to the area… containing only and precisely the information that readers are looking for”, Bruno Rambaud, CEO of SELL, explains.

The solution – integrating a powerful online editor in SELL BASE

At first SELL envisaged developing its own personalisation tool. After studying the market, however, the company decided to integrate CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, in its SELL BASE content management platform. “We were impressed with the performance of CHILI publisher, its user friendliness as well as its ability to provide a collaborative workspace. So we finally opted to integrate it in our environment, rounding off the tools we already had”, Rambaud continues.

The workings of the combined platform are very simple. Brand data, such as product names, references, specifications, images, etc., are handled in SELL BASE. A module integrated in the workflow, CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, enables online personalisation of marketing documents using design templates that reflect a company’s corporate identity and brand guidelines. These templates can be delivery notes, business cards, flyers, brochures, invitations, catalogues and more.

This makes it very convenient for anyone involved in document creation, wherever they may be, simply to call up a template and personalise it as they wish, based on validated, secure data stored in SELL BASE. Once the document is completed, the validated PDF is sent for printing. “We work closely with CHILI publish. Both of us are small organisations shaking up outdated models, and we share the same philosophy, namely to simplify to the max the creative process from start to finish – through to end users who will be able to design their own documents”, says Rambaud. A successful collaboration which the two companies are expanding further, responding together to calls for tender from much larger organisations.

The #UGE benefits – an innovative solution for business development

The combination of SELL BASE and CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, increases the overall productivity of the workflow, reducing manual effort by 50%. Between SELL BASE, which provides an up-to-date data pool and reduces the risk of errors, and CHILI publisher, which makes personalised layouts accessible to all, the creative process has become that much less stressful, that much faster and more secure. “Our focus is on sophisticated marketing documents. CHILI publisher meets this need in a user-friendly way while opening up a multitude of other marketing applications – such as personalising a flyer at the right time in the right place”, highlights Rambaud. In fact, if a sales representative can produce a visually tailored brochure with relevant content that reflects the customer’s profile, their pain points and their situation, this is a powerful tool to attract and retain attention. If well done, personalisation can have a major impact.

Bruno Rambaud


The company - a SPICY star

The SELL BASE platform is a central repository for managing thousands of product references for both corporations and communication agencies. Two main modules are available: SELL Publishing, which automates the catalogue and brochure creation process, and SELL Digital for web and mobile applications. The integration of CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, has improved the marketing effectiveness of the platform even more, opening it up to personalised document creation and collaborative work processes.

SELL serves a wide range of clients in the B2B sector, supporting major brands in different industries, such as automotive and paramedical, publishers as well as agencies and integrators who want to go the extra mile for their clients. The company, founded in 2005, employs 15 people and has a turnover of 1.5 million euros.



Opening up new revenue streams by integrating a personalisation tool in the SELL BASE content management system


Integrating CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, into SELL BASE to offer powerful online design capabilities. Text, colours and images can be created, modified and replaced in a flash. Regionalisation, personalisation and even individualisation become accessible and simplified to the extreme – across all channels and media.


2 to 3 months. Speedy implementation thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive software.


Manual effort is reduced by 50%, freeing up time for more profitable tasks.


SELL BASE is now stronger than ever, combining content management (PIM) and cross-media publishing with powerful online personalisation for marketing collateral.


  • SELL BASE, content management and publishing platform for marketing collateral
  • CHILI publisher, powerful online editor

Up-to-date and secure content

Personalisation accessible to all

Collaborative tool

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