Creativity galore at MyCreativeShop with CHILI publisher getting the
PDF job done

In 2010 Jason Frueh established a company that would help customers to create their own brochure or flyer online without having to turn to a graphic designer. All that was lacking was a good online document solution. They took a chance with CHILI publisher and the company ballooned ever since.

The struggle - challenging

Originally MyCreativeShop worked with a primitive online solution to help with the creative part of the job. But this solution did not generate a preflighted print-ready PDF for the customer to send to the printer. The company provides a platform for users to create their design that can be printed anywhere the user wishes. Getting this PDF for the customer required a lot of manual steps, costing the company time and money. Automation was needed to complete the creative process and deliver a ready-made solution.

The solution - all-in-one ease of use

Jason Frueh, owner of MyCreativeShop, turned to Google and got in touch with the CHILI publish development team even before CHILI publish existed. Both companies got started and kept in touch. In 2012 CHILI publisher 1.0 was launched and Jason was hooked: “It wasn’t perfect yet, but so much better than anything else around. The open API allowed us to integrate it into our offering, connecting it with the workflow and some third party applications. The puzzle was complete, CHILI publisher proved to be the missing piece. We’ve been working, growing and shooting for the stars together ever since.”

The benefits - end-to-end solution to last

MyCreativeShop was one of the first customers of CHILI publisher and they won’t consider any other solution. Jason explains: “Making something complex simple, that’s what we’re aiming for. Our customers often tell us how we made the design for their flyer and brochure so easy. They sign in, use the template tailored to their brand and get to work. They close off their session with a perfect, print-ready PDF. We store it until they return. And they do.”The solution has evolved over the years, but only for the better. MyCreativeShop signed up for the open API for smooth integration, but they stayed for the quality insurance, the stability and the flexibility of the solution. “Our customers can generate a PDF file themselves now, without having to touch or open any creative tool. Thanks to CHILI publisher at the core of our solution. We’ve come to rely on our partner and we know we can.”

Jason Frueh

owner of MyCreativeShop

The company - a SPICY star

MyCreativeShop specialises in the creation of flyers and brochures and has thousands of visitors per day, serving customers from all over the world. Jason talks about the cooperation: “CHILI publish keeps tailoring CHILI publisher to the changing needs of their customers, in the most professional manner. They want to keep the fit perfect and that’s how they remain an essential contributor to our success. Without CHILI publisher, we would not be the company we are today, to be honest.”



MyCreativeShop Fargo, North Dakota, US


A large amount of customers was unable to create simple artwork.


A decent, open and sound online document editing solution that enables print-ready PDF creation


Solution can be fully integrated into existing site, offers impressive UI flexibility and serves as a sturdy building block for future dreams.


Increasing customer satisfaction, while reducing customer support activities, frees up team time.


Way ahead of competition in 2010 with a completely tailored, one-of-a-kind online creative design solution.
Making artwork creation accessible again, is the solution’s greatest merit.


  • Open API for smooth integration
  • Easy customization
  • UI flexibility
  • Extreme stability of both solution and company


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