How EPAM Enables Graphics Production at Scale

The world of Creative Automation is buzzing, and for a good reason. Whether you're a brand, an agency, or a retailer, efficient and scalable graphics production is a must-have in today's dynamic marketing landscape. In our latest CHILIpulse episode, Bram Verniest, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist of CHILI publish, joins forces with Tim Marsh, Solutions Architect at EPAM Systems, to delve into this fascinating subject.

Boosting Multichannel Marketing Graphic Production

Creative Automation has become integral in our data-driven world. And the ability to integrate tools like CHILI GraFx into any platform not only meets customer needs but also opens up a world of endless marketing possibilities.

Marsh shares real-world examples, and one highlight from the conversation is how an automotive brand efficiently utilized CHILI GraFx and Sitecore Content Hub to control their assets and graphic production at scale. This use case will definitely interest you if you've been grappling with the best ways to optimize myriad variations of your advertisements.

We've taken Smart Templates and we’ve enabled them so that at a touch of a button our customer can create multiple variations for their dealers. The idea is that they haven't got to spend money and time rebuilding variations for each dealer—and it can all be done with self service.

Tim Marsh

Solution Architect

@ Epam

CHILI GraFx: More Than a Tool, It's an Enabler

The strength of CHILI GraFx lies not only in its ability to produce graphics at scale but also in its flexibility to integrate with any platform. Marsh points out that CHILI GraFx's APIs and variable controls not only integrate seamlessly into anywhere but also expedite content variation. Coupled with Sitecore Content Hub's ability to effectively manage brand assets, these features make CHILI GraFx an enabler of efficient and impactful graphics production.

In other words, the integration isn't just a tool – it's an enabler. It allows you to leverage powerful Creative Automation to transform raw data into compelling marketing materials. And it lets you do it quickly, accurately, and on a massive scale.

Unleashing the Power of AI

What does the future hold for Creative Automation? Marsh and Verniest predict a scenario where AI tools and Creative Automation synergize to dynamically boost content creation. They focus on the development of AI-driven global advertising solutions, which utilize CHILI GraFx's API, Sitecore's Content Hub, and AI localization to transform raw data into engaging marketing materials through innovative marketing strategies.

The take-home message? Embrace technology. Experiment. Push boundaries. The future is exciting – and it's arriving fast.

How could AI help do more? You could pass it nothing but product info then have it automatically create a set of adverts. It could be a printable version then create a studio version, already for all required sizes. And unlike yesterday’s tech, it’s actually going to know what each product is about.

Tim Marsh

Solution Architect

@ Epam

Keep Experimenting, Keep Learning

As Verniest and Marsh make clear, exploration, experimentation, and continuous learning are key to pushing the boundaries of what Creative Automation can accomplish. With the rapidly evolving tech landscape, having an open mind and adapting to new, more efficient processes can make all the difference in keeping pace with the industry.

Your Front Row Seat to the Future of Creative Automation

Whether you're a marketer looking to streamline your multichannel marketing efforts, or an IT professional seeking a better way to manage brand assets, this episode is a must-watch.

In one short video cast, you'll gain critical insights into Creative Automation's future and why tools like CHILI GraFx and Sitecore Content Hub will be integral to it.

Watch, learn, and let's build the future of Creative Automation together.


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Bram Verniest

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

Tim Marsh

Solution Architect

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