Design Meets Automation in Graphics Workflows

In this latest episode of CHILIpulse, we discuss the transformative power of Smart Templates for brands looking to scale graphics production. Patrick Tosolini, Project Manager at RELATIAL_, shares his extensive experience and insights into how these templates are helping them revolutionize the industry. He emphasizes their role in simplifying brand consistency and enhancing flexibility in brand marketing strategies.

Don't miss on the inspiring insights shared:

  • Insider Tips: Patrick shares his journey and insights, offering valuable tips for marketing professionals looking to leverage these creative technologies for brand enhancement.
  • Next-Level Templating: Patrick delves into his extensive experience with Smart Templates, sharing how they are revolutionizing branding efforts for businesses by reducing complexity and time-to-market for marketing materials, ensuring a more efficient process.
  • Brand Consistency, Always: Discover how Smart Templates simplify and streamline brand consistency across various platforms and campaigns – suited to every brand’s specific needs.
  • Flexible & Responsive: Learn how Smart Templates empower brands to be more flexible and responsive in their marketing strategies.


Patrick Tosolini

CHILI publish Expert

Bram Verniest

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

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