Free your graphics and marketing teams from repetitive tasks

Scale graphic production with the power of Creative Automation

We enable graphic production teams to
scale content variants with a Cloud platform
that fits within your existing Martech stack.

CHILI publisher is designed for consumer brands who need to customize digital and print content at scale to create better customer experiences online and in-store.

A powerful, scalable platform for the whole team

Graphic designers
  • Works with AI® and InDesign®
  • Real-time preflight check
  • Convert and upload in one step
  • Full cross-regional brand control
  • Self-serve marketing/sales/HR templates
  • Get campaigns to market faster
  • Works with any Martech integration
  • Open XML document format
  • Server & client APIs

Who uses CHILI publisher?

Ultimately, personalized digital and print communications are created for the end-customer, but brands, agencies and printers all use the platform.

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Integrate with your data to personalize at scale

Smart Templates that leverage data and assets with a DAM, PIM or other data sources to get the job done faster, better and easier.

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Creative Automation lets you do more and get up to 90% ROI with graphic production

Personalize more

Create better customer experiences by leveraging data from your DAM/PIM to easily personlize digital ads, POS print, labels and more at scale.

Scale & reduce operational costs

By automating repetitive, manual tasks in the production environment, designers can now focus on creating better customer experiences and can personalize more. Do more with the same resources!

Reduce time-to-market

Faster, better, easier customization means you get to market faster with this season's campaigns. Make changes to pricing or design elements systematically in minutes.

Produce thousands of variants for output to digital platforms and printers in hours not days or weeks.

What our customers say

“Just seven templates have replaced 400 PDFs in the DAM, generating an incredible 630 customizations in only 2 months’ time.”

Jessica Berlin

Former Director of DAM, USA