Future-proof your Variable Data Printing with CHILI publisher Online

Streamline your campaigns and keep up with the rising volume of graphics required for multi-channel publishing. Hyper-personalize your documents automatically.

Variable Data Printing with the world's most advanced online editor

CHILI publisher transforms Adobe™ InDesign™ or Illustrator™ files into Smart Templates. Users edit in the browser, connect data sets with ease, and get professional results.

  • Smart Templates
  • Extensive feature set
  • Variable data printing made easy

Mass-personalization with Smart Templates and Variable Data Printing Software

What if it were possible to automatically personalize brochures? CHILI publisher's Smart Templates let users create VDP projects without assistance. Smart Templates guide which elements can be modified and in which way.

  • Users create their own VDP projects
  • Smart Templates guide what can be edited and how
  • No assistance needed

Bring scale to your variable data projects

The market is increasingly demanding personalized graphics. With the right technology, you can run more VDP projects than ever before, without the traditional agency fees.

  • More VDP projects than ever before
  • No agency fees
  • Be ready for market demands

Andy Russel

This is a fast-moving market and we both have mutual benefit at heart. The CHILI publish team is always readily available on short notice to tackle issues, discuss ideas and join us on a quest for the next big thing.

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