In 2010 KAN design & Brand Management came across CHILI publisher and saw an opportunity to take brand management and marketing to the next level and offer B2B customer an all-level branding service.

The struggle - finding a niche partner

KAN decided to make the best use of the rise of the internet and intranet in the nineties. Instead of offering brand guidelines in an expensive and luxurious folder, why not offer it in a PDF or other document format, so it can be easily consulted by everyone? That’s how Kadanza originated, the digital asset management and web-to-print platform built by in-house brand and identity experts. It’s a fully scalable, cloud-based suite of tools to create consistent, valuable content for a brand, both offline and online. The solution hit it off with the clients and KAN quickly discovered the niche on the marketing material creation side: simplifying the content creation, approval and launch cycle of new brand marketing material. They had all the knowledge, they just needed the online document editing partner in brand love to match.

The solution - a fortunate encounter

A glance at a professional newsletter introduced the KAN team to the CHILI publisher solution. It was the online editing solution Kadanza required. Integrating this tool into their Kadanza process would truly enable them to offer a 360° service in terms of brand and marketing management, because it makes sure any marketing realisation is based on company approved content. A proof of concept (POC) was created within days thanks to the open API of CHILI publisher. KAN based its own frontend on the CHILI publisher API and off it went. Nico Potvin, Partner at KAN Design & Brand management, explains: “Finally we could practice what we preach and show customers that it is possible to easily turn theoretical guidelines into practical realisations. Templates were made, all the customer had to do was insert the content. CHILI publisher made sure that the design perfectly matched the new content. It’s been such a timesaver for everyone. We can now offer a print-ready design in 10 minutes, instead of sitting around for days waiting for corrections, design or content changes, let alone corporate approval.”

The benefits - business optimization

Kadanza consists of three pillar components : Brand Manager (guidelines), Asset Manager (DAM) and Layout Manager (documents). And as it turns out, CHILI publisher proved to be more than just a means to an end, it turned out to be a business instigator. Nico clarifies: “CHILI publisher really allowed us to integrate added intelligence into Kadanza, we’re in total control of brand consistency throughout the entire process. We have not come across any other editing solution that is as sensible and as performing as CHILI publisher.”

Nico Potvin

Partner at KAN Design & Brand management

The company - a SPICY star

KAN Design & Brand management has been around for 30 years, serving a wide variety of B2B companies and brands with brand management, development and marketing solutions. 6 years after implementing CHILI publisher, the company develops on average 10 000 documents per year with CHILI publisher. 3 people out of 20 employees in total work with CHILI publisher full-time. Nico concludes: “Brands are all about innovation and consistency. A successful business is too. The integration of CHILI publisher really opened up new opportunities for us. And markets. Our team has grown, we opened up an office in New York and we developed new solutions. It truly is a great solution with amazing features. We love working with a team that understands our forward-looking vision and offers the future-proof service to match.”



KAN Design & Brand Management

Raapstraat 14, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
1177 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036, USA


Taking brand management to the next level: 100% brand conform marketing material creation and development.


Scalable online document editing solution with reliable backend.


Proof of Concept within days of initial contact. Open API allows for flexible integration.


Delivery of print-ready files within minutes instead of days. About 100 000 CHILI publisher documents created so far. Approximately 10 000 per annum. 3 people working full-time with CHILI publisher to service both new and existing clients.


Kadanza offers 360° brand consistency in terms of guidelines and content creation. New business, new markets, new regions.


  • Open API for smooth integration
  • CHILI Editor for online document editing
  • CHILI backof ce for dedicated customer files


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