CHILI publisher proves to be perfect match for B2B and B2C web2print portals.

The struggle - real

Impress Spiegel offers customers print via automated web2print solutions. To that end, they provide their B2C end users with a simple and easy-to-use web-to-print portal, the “” open shop. B2B Business customers have access to a closed shop with individual additional functions through the “” portal. The solution stems on a long history of trial and error. The company had to deal with a half- nished ed- iting solution, expensive licenses, insolvent manufacturers and empty sales promises. Customers started complaining, results failed, the company almost faced the edge of ruin.

The solution - simple

As in most cases, shared pain is half the pain. The company partner, A&F Computersysteme AG, listened to their issues and recommended CHILI publisher, an online editing tool that can be easily integrated into an existing web portal. Reto Spiegel, CEO of Impress Spiegel AG, raves about the simplicity of the solution to their problem: “Implementing CHILI publisher made it possible to keep our existing store while improving our web2print solution. CHILI publisher is merely the online editor, without its own web2print shop. This was exactly the kind of edibility we were looking for. All it took was a mere two days to integrate CHILI publisher in our portals.”

The benefits - impressive

CHILI publisher is an open solution that integrates perfectly with other technologies. Existing portals can be both updated and optimized, thus allowing for new applications, so creativity can truly be unleashed on the customer’s side. Nifty possibilities like the tailoring toolbox de nition in the web editor for individual customers, the 3D visualization and the template creation constitute powerful bene ts that allow users to future-proof their operations. Mr. Spiegel explains:

“It was always clear to us: the future is digital, collaborative, and automated. We just had to nd the missing link to smoothly progress from our existing technology into the innovative novelties. Thanks to our partner A&F and the CHILI publisher implementation, we’re up to speed with a solution that evolves as our B2B and B2C customer needs and future requirements do. We no longer catch up, we’re a frontrunner now.”

Reto Spiegel

CEO of Impress Spiegel AG

The company - a SPICY star

Impress Spiegel started off as a family owned company 40 years ago, and gradually evolved from village printer with traditional lettersetting to an integrated communication company offering web-to-print services. Media automation and web-to-print solutions got added to the portfolio in 2003. In 2010, the company split up its activities in 2 departments: Impress media and print, headed by Andreas Spiegel, focusing on the production of traditional printing products. MOSAIQ, headed by Reto Spiegel, focuses on communication and marketing solutions.



Impress Spiegel

Impress Spiegel Egerkingen, Switzerland


A&F Computersysteme AG


Stagnated web-to-print solution – expensive over-promising, under-delivering alternatives.


Stand-alone online editing solution that could be easily integrated.


Less than 2 days integration time into the customer portals.


One-off solution vs. expensive licenses and hollow promises.


Updated, optimized and nally future-proof web-to-print solution.


  • Use of variable tables, connect to various data sources
  • Tailor toolbox de nition in web editor for each customer individually
  • 3D visualization
  • template creation – InDesign® plugin converts files to CHILI publisher documents

Future-proof revenue

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