Online inline editing - CHILI publisher added the perfect seasoning to an appetizing dish at HH Global

The #UGE differentiator - data-driven asset creation

The struggle – future-proofing the HHub for VDP editing

HH Global needed a built-in variable data solution to streamline campaigns that could keep up with the rapid instream of original designs asking to be repurposed the omnichannel way.

The solution – one inline online document editing solution

As a pioneer, HH Global did not want to lag and turned to the graphics industry to source a solution. Workflowz, a leading industry provider of software solutions for the creative industry, recommended they consider CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, that is readily available in an open API to secure smooth integration. A quick installation and dry-run convinced HH Global this was both the engine and back-end needed for the HHub. Not only did it comply with the HH Global security audits, it also lives up to the ease-of-use standard HH Global provides for all clients. The fact that it came with a perpetual license, assured HH Global that both solutions would evolve simultaneously, which was a prerequisite for the growth path HH Global had envisioned.

The #UGE benefits – from cumbersome to intuitive impeccability

According to Andy Russell, Technical Services Manager, “This installation took us back to the print essentials. In the middle of the digital crossover, we needed the driver for our print campaigns to keep pace. CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, enabled us to develop more VDP projects than ever before. To have VDP without resorting to huge traditional agency fees - our customers jumped on board at the first go.” CHILI publisher allows users to create new marketing material based on templates that contain both blocked and adjustable content. Its user-friendliness proves both intuitive and impeccable, and HH Global appreciates the flexibility of both the solution and the company: “This is a fast-moving market and we both have mutual benefit at heart. The CHILI publish team is always readily available on short notice to tackle issues, discuss ideas and join us on a quest for the next big thing.”

Andy Russell

Technical Services Manager

The company - a SPICY star

HH Global has been the leading procurement partner in the outsourcing industry for over 25 years offering tailored solutions for the outsourced procurement of all types of printed marketing materials, premiums, packaging, and creative production services, that drive down cost, speed time to market, improve quality, and increase sustainability.

Today, this innovation-focused and client-driven company is the leading global marketing execution powerhouse, serving a heterogeneous influential brand base in over 43 countries. In most countries and regions, they are considered the pioneers of global print management.



HH global




The HHub technology management platform provides users with concepting and strategy, artwork, photography, data analytics and insights, preflight, and prepress service tools. Free-formed based entries caused inconsistency hazards, urging HH Global to look for a new online document editor tool to fuel the inline editing process and the template back engine management within their solution.


CHILI publisher proved the online editing engine and back-end the template creation part the HHub needed. A cumbersome backlog made way for an intuitive protocol handling.


A one-day installation preceded a further HHub integration that was perfected in a few weeks’ time.


Decentralized localization - an easier, cleaner and more flexible workflow that allows multi-template tailoring of marketing material across various countries for multiple clients.


A fully operable solution that impresses customers with its functionality and speed, allowing HH Global to be more reactive to customers’ wishes. Customers applauded the inline editing features allowing for a faster workflow resulting in increased time to market.


  • CHILI publisher online editor
  • CHILI engine
  • CHILI back-end

Instant VDP preview

Quick product development


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