CHILI publisher offered Fineline the document editing, data-driven work ow and integration tools needed for Finelink 2.0.

The struggle - optimization

Fineline had developed Finelink 1.0, an online document management and print-on- demand technology to help customers handle their printwork in one central location. But as marketing channels – and the ways in which clients collaborate - got customized, technology needed to adapt. Fineline struggled to find a partner that could be easily integrated and would ensure optimization of the marketing options in Finelink 1.0.

The solution - threefold

In CHILI publisher, Fineline noticed a three- fold solution to the issues at hand. First off, the professional-level layout tools work for any kind of (non) professional designer. The online editor allows clients to better control their brand and legally required text via controlled access to design elements and their properties. Secondly, CHILI publisher’s ability to create data-driven document management streamlines the marketing procure- ment process for Fineline clients, improving time and efficiency in their operations. Last but not least, CHILI publish’s API’s connects directly with such systems as asset management, project management, CRM’s like Salesforce, and marketing automation platforms.

The benefits - diversified ease of use

The integration of CHILI publisher completed the transformation to Finelink 2.0.

“Whether it be multiple locations, franchises, or departments, the companies we speak to often are not working from the same marketing or business script. CHILI publisher has helped us to solve that big challenge for our clients. Finelink 2.0 now brings business, marketing and print operations all together under one customized, easy-to-use platform that benefits the users, the company, and the brand.” notes Richard Miller, owner at Fineline.

Richard Miller

Owner at Fineline.

The company - a SPICY star

As a certified minority-owned and family-owned business, founded in 1981, Fineline is devoted to fostering diversity through contributions to and participation in national, regional, and local diversity programs. The company offers big shop capabilities at a high standard small shop service level in terms of marketing content delivery for a large format, offset and variable printing customer range. “CHILI publisher was the technology we needed to ensure our solutions can meet the demands of our clients today - and well into the future.”, Miller concludes.



Fineline Printing Group

Indianapolis, Indiana, US


No diversification of marketing options in the web2print solution.


Online document editing, data-driven document management and an open API for smooth integration.


Immediate and smooth integration.


Optimized web2print solution opens up new business opportunities.


A customized easy-to-use
multichannel marketing and print procurement platform.


  • online document editing
  • data-driven workflow
  • open API

Customized ease of use
Future-proof technology
Streamlined brand control

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