Channeling enhanced creativity through time-saving templates - Channel Fusion pushes CHILI publisher to the max.

The #UGE differentiator – template-driven asset creation

The struggle – templates that keep pace with client demands

Channel Fusion specializes in providing custom channel marketing technology solutions and high-touch channel support concierge services that help corporations and their distribution network optimize trade promotion funds and leverage branded marketing assets to drive local demand. Templates are a critical part of what makes Channel Fusion’s Ad Builder program successful. The template creation software the company had previously adopted couldn’t keep pace with Channel Fusion’s needs. “The tool we were using prior to engaging with CHILI publisher limited us in terms of innovation and customization. We were also spending far too much time on the actual template building and the local implementation,” says Don Schminkey, Senior Technical Project Manager at Channel Fusion. “Our goal was to cut that time by 25 percent or more, and to provide our end users with a more immersive ad creation experience.” Additionally, Pankaj Monga, CEO of Channel Fusion said, “From a technology perspective, we are continually striving to focus on a first-class customer experience, which continues to evolve. Simplicity and intuitiveness can be complex to execute, but are integral to a good user experience.”

The solution – pushing the template creation envelope

By choosing CHILI publisher, the Universal Graphics Engine, as its online editing solution, Channel Fusion could reduce the time it took to build the templates and provide end users with a much more robust ad creation experience by a staggering 30% from the first go. Heather Rollins, Lead Designer at Channel Fusion, had this to say about the CHILI back office, “CHILI publisher is at least 30% faster than our old tools, plus, it’s a lot more fun to work in.” The capabilities of the CHILI back office amazed Channel Fusion, as it gives professional users in an organization the ability to upload assets and organize documents, fonts, and create environments tailored to the needs of the end user. The Channel Fusion team loved the ease of integration into their customer user interface and the intuitive handling of CHILI publisher. The automation enabled the company to fulfill the company goals: protect the customer’s brand, encourage local activity that drives demand, and build equity in customer relationships.

The #UGE benefits – brand control and localization

Channel Fusion sported a 30 percent decrease in the amount of time it takes to create new templates with CHILI publisher. Immediately they invested these resources in R&D to see how an even better use of CHILI publisher could spur the growth of its business portfolio. “We deliver better results in a more consistent manner. This boost really upped our brand control game and ideated new possibilities. We’re even ready to take it one step further and evolve towards the next game-changing disruption of the market.” says Mr. Schminkey. “Our streamlined process keeps pace with any client demand, turning Channel Fusion into THE one-stop-shop for client-branded materials that strictly adhere to brand guidelines.”

Don Schminkey

The company - a SPICY Star

From their headquarters in the state of Iowa in the US and Haryana, India, the company designs, launches, and supports custom and local channel marketing tech solutions for a variety of corporations. Enabling the creation of marketing materials that stimulate local demand and control brand assets is a critical part of the company’s programs. Don Schminkey, Senior Technical Project Manager at Channel Fusion says, “Our company excels in the three key areas that are required for our clients to succeed: protect their brand, encourage local activity to drive demand, and build equity in our customer relationships. We have built a successful company using this model, and we want to ensure that growth – and the satisfaction of our clients – will continue in the years ahead. Underachieving solutions are not an option.”



Channel Fusion


Channel Fusion’s Ad Builder solution is a wizard-based tool that lets clients control the branding elements of their promotions while allowing users to develop, archive, edit, and share custom promotions that work in local markets.


The platform now incorporates the online editor CHILI publisher and the CHILI back office. These solutions let Channel Fusion create more robust templates and
facilitate the general user experience.


Nine months after adopting the CHILI publisher and CHILI back office, Chanel Fusion made its first client storefront live, enabling customers to order and customize a variety of ads and marketing collateral from one comprehensive site.


The template creation time was reduced by 30%, freeing up more time for creativity, innovative R&D and
business development.


Clients’ marketing teams run multiple digital and print campaigns simultaneously, via a fully
automated process.


  • CHILI publisher online editor
  • CHILI Backoffice

Intuitive ease of use

Cooperative brand-compliant marketing

Gamechanging business instigator

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