The most adaptable and integrable print design software for modern web-to-print platforms

CHILI publisher is the best-in-class print design software. Our API-first approach ensures our editor can easily integrate with your existing workflow and technology stack. By combining CHILI publisher with your platform of choice, you can create the best experience for both your customers and your business. Build a web-to-print platform that delivers results!

For printers, brands, and agencies – the possibilities are endless

CHILI publisher is the world’s best online editor and can help you level up your web-to-print services. Whether you’re a printer looking to set up an e-commerce site offering customized collateral, variable data print, and direct mail, or a brand/agency looking to deploy branded material using a marketing portal, CHILI publisher can be customized to fit your unique use case.

  • Enables self-service editing for non-technical users
  • Provides a customizable user experience
  • Generates press-ready output or downloadable files

Start with Adobe InDesign or Illustrator

Export your designs directly into CHILI publisher using our Adobe plugins. Convert them into templates by adding variables and document logic. These Smart Templates include all the rules and logic that define what can be edited and how; ensuring the output is always accurate and follows brand guidelines.

  • Export from Adobe InDesign or Illustrator
  • Define what content can be edited and how
  • Convert static designs into reusable templates

So simple, anyone can use this print design software

Anyone can customize documents and order print or downloadable content anytime, anywhere in the browser – no installs or plugins required. And since the Smart Templates include all the brand guidelines to enforce brand compliance, you can rest assured the output is always on-brand and ready to print.

  • Elevate your print business’s online experience
  • Enable self-service design for anyone in a browser
  • Speed up design adaptations and go-to-market process

Integrate with e-commerce platforms or existing workflows

CHILI publisher isn't a standalone solution, but it easily integrates with e-commerce or marcom platforms to provide a better user experience when customizing and ordering print online. Using our powerful REST API, CHILI publisher can seamlessly integrate with a variety of solutions and be fully customized to fit your workflow – letting you build the best solution for your business.

  • Integrates with e-commerce and marketing platforms
  • Connects to databases, CRM, DAM, and PIM systems
  • Creates ‘headless’ workflows for ‘lights-out’ production

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Jason Frueh

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CHILI publisher powers everything we do. It allows all of our users to personalize business cards, postcards, flyers and brochures without our team ever having to be involved.

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